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Call for MLC expert review submissions

Written by Maritime First

Just a quarter of the 64 states that have ratified the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) have to date submitted their reports to the International Labor Organization (ILO) for expert review.

Under Article 22 of the ILO Constitution (Annual reports on ratified Conventions), states are required to submit their reports to the ILO secretariat after consulting with their social partners, the International Chamber of Shipping(ICS) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

However, Natalie Shaw, director of employment affairs at the International Chamber of Shipping told IHS Maritime today (16 September) that only 16 of the 64 states have submitted their reports.

“The reports will be reviewed by an ILO committee of experts and were due in at the start of September,” Shaw told IHS Maritime.

Speaking at the ICS annual conference last week, Shaw called on port and flag states to submit their reports, which will detail “what you’ve actually achieved and what’s actually happening”.

“From our perspective, we would much rather follow a process that is aligned to the Special Tripartite Committee process to make sure that flag states have actually provided that information to the ILO so that it can have a proper look at the effect of the implementation. So I would urge you to please [submit the reports].”

The Special Tripartite Committee is the oversight committee for the MLC and is expected to convene at the ILO on an annual basis, Shaw told IHS Maritime, adding that the reports are fed into this meeting.

Speaking at the ICS annual meeting last week, ITF general secretary Stephen Cotton said that the ITF is monitoring MLC implementation and had placed inspectors on the ILO’s dedicated training course at its centre in Turin, Italy.

He noted some disagreements over implementation by flag and port states, and also detentions under various MLC elements.

He said that the IFT was collating its findings. ICS general secretary Peter Hinchliffe welcomed a meeting between the ICS and ITF to discuss the ITF’s findings.—ILO Maritime Labour Convention.

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