In the lighter mood: Wife Again…..Poor men!!!!!!


Designed by and for men (poor men!)….!

The ultimate the most encouraging lesson in English
“If more than one mouse is mice, then more than one
Spouse is Spice.

Wife : “why r u home so early?”
Hubby : “My boss said go to hell!”

Doctor : Howz ur headache ?
Patient : she’s out of town.

Marriage is like a public toilet . Those waiting outside are
desperate to get in; Those inside are desperate to come out.

No Man Can Ever Be Satisfied with 4 things in life: (1)
Mobile (2)  Automobile (3) TV (4) Wife Because, there is always a better
model in neighborhood

Compromising does not mean you are wrong and your wife is
right. It only means that the safety of your head is much more
important than your ego!

Whisky is a brilliant invention. One double and you start
feeling single again.

It is said that when a woman closes her eyes, she sees the
person she loves the most and when a man does that. The slide show

Q- Why can’t Women Drive well?
A- Because there are so many mirrors in a car to distract

Q- Why can’t Women stand a day in a Jungle?
A- There are no Shopping Centers..

Q- How to save a Dying Woman?
A- Tell her about a 90% Sale going on somewhere..

Q- If a Woman is Quiet, which day is it?
A- Who Cares, just Enjoy that
The woman who invented the phrase “All men are the
same” was a Chinese
woman who lost her husband in a crowd.

There are 3 kinds of men in this world. Some remain single
and make
wonders happen. Some have girlfriends and see wonders
happen. Rest get
married and wonder what happened!!!!

Wives are magicians. ….. . . . . . . . . . .
They can change anything into an argument

Women live a Better, Longer Peaceful Life, as compared
to men. WHY?
A very smart man replied: Women don’t have a