NISA postpones election to boost participation


The Nigerian Indigenous Ship-owners Association (NISA) may have further widened the campaign coast, as the body confirmed it had postponed it’s general elections to 24, October 2014.

Earlier scheduled for October 15, the Maritime First learnt the postponement might not be unconnected with the desire of the body, to increase participation, while offering more rooms to the ‘gladiators’ to further widen their reach.

One of the gladiators and Presidential candidate, Capt. Dada O. Labinjo who also confirmed the postponement, said it was a decision of the Association’s Electoral Committee (ASSECO) to which every contestant must abide with; grieving that NISA members as highly busy individuals must have cancelled several appointments, in order to keep the earlier date, open to ensure their franchise.

“I know that most of our members have shifted their appointments to enable them participate in the voting exercise as earlier stated for Wednesday 15th October, 2014.”, he indicated, saying it was his reason,

“And that is why I have thought it wise as a matter of urgency to inform them all, of the postponement. I regret any inconvenience the shift in the date may cause”, he said further, expressing his hope to see them all on Friday, the 24th October, 2014 to cast their votes for him, as the next NISA arrowhead.

The NISA, a body for the nation’s indigenous ship-owners and associate members, it was learnt, has decidedly committed itself to using the forthcoming election to bring together, selfless, fearless, and dynamic team who would work to bring back their jobs, believing strongly that the gesture remains the most viable option for enabling members, to make money, create jobs and contribute their own efforts to the development of the nation’s economy.