In the lighter mood: Do not beg someone to stay in your life


Don’t beg someone to stay in your life if they want to they will by any means.

Sometimes we just have to let go. If other people can not let us grow better as a person, it is better to avoid to just avoid them.

Let’s just say some people in our lives are just like props that in order to make a nice movie we need it otherwise it will not make the movie complete, but these props what we call can also ruin our lives if we don’t know how to categorize it props.

Life is too short don’t waste time thinking about those people who hurt us.

In the end if you live fairly and honestly you can have a goodnight sleep right? Surround yourself with right people and u will see more of your worth, surround yourself with negative people and you will fail. Life is problem solving so it’s expected and we have to live with it and enjoy with it.

We have discovered as we get older how amazing it that many so called “good friends” will drop you out of their “social circles” simply because of a change of circumstances in your life or because you mature in your beliefs and adopt new attitudes to life.

In effect they are not “friends” at all but simply “associates” because they have only “associated” with us because of a temporary or even long term common cause such as belonging to the same club or association; sharing the same beliefs for a period of time; working in the same places together; being related by family and living nearby.

True friends love you for who you are and wherever you are. If you change your circumstances or philosophies in life or move away, they may not move with you but they will always accept your moves and never stop being your friends because they love and like you despite no longer having some aspect of life in common.

Sometimes, I need to make a reboot to my past because of one simple reason, all I met not belong to my personality. ~ Unknown

Enjoy the masti