In the lighter mood: The three bills

Three Bills died at the same time. There was a $100 Bill, a $20 Bill and a $1 Bill.
They arrived at the Pearly Gates and St. Peter looked at them and asked what happened.
The $100 Bill explained that they’d been taken back to the government because of old age and destroyed. So St. Peter asked “How was your life?”
The $100 Bill said “Oh, it was great! I was in the finest restaurants, I flew first class to Europe. I was on several lovely cruises. I was in beautiful jewelry stores. There was one incident with cocaine, but it wasn’t my fault and I got cleaned up fast.”
St. Peter said “Well, come on in.”
The $20 Bill said “I had a good life too. I was at the grocery store, the bowling alley, baseball games, gas stations, fast food restaurants, birthday parties, on a fishing boat, in coach class on several airplanes and made several trips to big cities.”
St. Peter invited him in.
The $1 Bill said “I went to Church, I went to Church, I went to Church, I went to Church…”