In the lighter mood: 23 Things I Learnt when I turned 23


Recently, I turned 23. And on my birthday I was thinking about the important things I have learnt in life so far. I am sharing them with you, here they are:

1.     In the end situations always turn out to be okay, you just need to have patience and faith.

2.     People who are your best friends today may not remain the same for long.

3.    Circumstances hardly seem to be good enough for doing what you love. The time spent waiting for the right time is a waste. You would only wish you had started earlier.

4.     You can’t have all of it at same time. You will have to miss some things in order to experience others.

5.    Letting go of something that doesn’t serve any purpose in your life may be painful, but you will realize it was the right thing to do.

6.     There will never be enough time to exercise and take care of your health. You have to find time for it. If you can’t do it today, it will only be harder in future.

7.     Most things your parents used to say about life were right.

8.     Stepping out of your comfort zone is painful but it is the only way to achieve more than you have now.

9.     Don’t feel down by comparing yourself with others by looking at their strengths, they have their weaknesses too they are hiding.

10.     It’s better to forgive people than to hold grudge against them, so that you can have peace of mind.

11.            You can’t always run away from your problems. You have to confront them and deal with them, sooner you do the better.

12.            Do whatever you can to enjoy your life today with whatever you have. In future you will only regret what you could have done but didn’t do.

13.            Biggest risk in life is taking no risk at all.

14.            It’s better to be alone than to be with people who don’t care about you.

15.            Don’t try to explain things to someone that are beyond his/her capacity to understand.

16.            Failure is not actually that bad as it seems immediately after you failed. Over time you discover that there are new opportunities for making your life better, and the lessons from past failures play a key role in your success.

17.            Playing a victim never takes you anywhere. You may get sympathy of others temporarily but this will only make you an object of pity. It is your life. You have to deal with what you have got. Complaining about your problems won’t solve them.

18.            Don’t argue with stupid people, it will only ruin your peace of mind without any significant result. It’s better to walk away.

19.       You can’t make everyone love you, whatever good deeds you do, there will be people who dislike (or even hate) you. So don’t let opinions of others influence your decisions about your life.

20.     Don’t judge people too early. Your expectations about people can turn out to be completely different and may even surprise you. So don’t get deluded by any first impression.

21.       It is better to fail at things that you love to do and want in your life than to be successful at things that don’t matter to you.

22.      If you want lasting happiness, your actions should be driven by what you feel deep inside and not by what other people think you should do.

23.     It’s better to learn how to deal with difficult people instead of trying to avoid them and run for the hills because you are going to find them everywhere.

Enjoy the masti