Three Dead after Cruise Ship Engineroom Fire


Three people are reported dead after cruise ship Oceania Insignia suffered an engineroom fire at dock in Port Castries on the island of St Lucia in the Caribbean.

One crewmember and two contractors died in the incident, while the vessel’s 656 passengers were evacuated safely and the fire contained.

The Insignia had departed San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sunday for a 10-day cruise and was scheduled to arrive in Miami on 17 December. The remainder of the cruise has been cancelled.

The ship was built in 1998 and underwent a multimillion-dollar refurbishing earlier this year.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board has indicated that it is sending officials to help with the investigation which is being led by the Marshall Islands, where the ship is registered.—Maritime Executive


  1. This happens because the operators get crews from all over the world. The cheaper the better. Communication is a very important factor in fire-fighting and when mixed crews come together and have to communicate in English it all breaks down. I am talking from experience having worked on cruise-ships as C/E. and seen the real thing. Scary to say the least. The huge responsibility of the Operators for thousands of passengers is not enough for the regulating authorities to combat this menace. As long as this multirace-crewing goes on these things will happen.Sad but true. Profit comes before safety.

  2. Topic does not seem to raise many comments. Sad really with so many lives at stake on ever growing sizes of cruise-ships.


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