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Nigeria, Turkey collaborating, to generate ships, shipyard – Yunus Can

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… Labinjo assures Nigeria of enduring benefits 

The Nigerian Shipowners’ Association (NISA), on Tuesday formally flagged off a working relationship with the Turkish Shipowners’ Association (TUSA), for a collaboration which may result in Nigeria’s increasing use of water transportation.

Capt Olaniyi Dada Labinjo

Capt Olaniyi Dada Labinjo

The TUSA President, Capt. Yunus Can told Maritime First that at NISA’s secretariat in Lagos on Tuesday that the mutual working relationship between Nigeria and Turkey was expected to result in enhanced availability of passengers boats, development of shipyards and blueprint for ship maintenance, noting that the collaboration is pertinent in other to move the country’s maritime industry forward.

TUSA President, Capt. Yunus Can and Capt Labinjo during the deliberation at Apapa Lagos on Tuesday

TUSA President, Capt. Yunus Can and Capt Labinjo during the deliberation at Apapa Lagos on Tuesday

“Our association is ready to collaborate with NISA in the area of shipbuilding, repair and sharing of latest shipping technology”, Yunus Can said, highlighting  that TUSA had been in existence for over a century, hence, it is blessed with noteworthy wealth of experience, which it is also ready  to share  with its Nigeria counterpart.

“We are ready to collaborate with you. We re ready to know you, exchange contact with you and collaborate for the future”, he said.

Speaking further, the TUSA President assured that he would personally work, towards effective development of shipbuilding and repair yards, by helping in the provision of technology that would help in setting up shipyards in the country.

“Since I came into this country I have not found any shipbuilding or repair yard but, I don’t know whether anyone exist that I may not have seen but we at TUSA are ready to help you in this regard.

“We will exchange idea, we will support you in building passengers ships and we will help set them up. We will bring in technology for ship building and repair,” he stated further.

Speaking earlier, the President of NISA, Capt. Niyi Labinjo said the visit of TUSA is strategic and highly important because there is a lot to learn from TUSA because of its many years of experience and it’s latest technology in shipping.

“We are much aware of the progress you have made in the shipping industry. We are aware that your maritime industry has grown tremendously and your technology is of global best practices.

“Also, with your association being over a hundred years above ours, there is a lot to learn from you, that is why the visit is unique.”
Labinjo stressed that his association was ready and willing to learn from TUSA which he described as an older and a more experienced association.

“This collaboration with your association will be in the interest of Turkish shipowners association and ours also. We are also interested in learning from an older association about how our own maritime association that is in the infant stage can learn from an older and more matured association.

“I thank you for your support and am happy that you said you are ready to help us in the area of ship building and repair and we are ready to enter into serious deliberation with you in that aspect”, he stated further, offering a commitment of NISA to go into collaboration with TUSA.

“It will be in our interest to cooperate with Turkish shipowners in the interest of our industry. We are ready to work together in shipbuilding, technology and sharing of information in the area TUSA has information and we don’t have.” 

Labinjo also said the apex regulatory maritime agency, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), would be intimated with the working relationship between the two associations.

“NIMASA will be carried along but what is most important is that there is willingness between the two associations to work together in Shipbuilding and repair, technology and area of sharing information regarding what not they have experienced and we have not.

“Training will also be included but what is important is laying the foundation which was what we are doing and of course, NIMASA will become privy of everything that will eventually happen”, Dada Olaniyi Labinjo concluded.

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