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In the lighter mood: What and Who’s to enlighten you?

Written by Maritime First
Given below a portion of Adhi Sankara’s great legacy for us.This is just 25 questions & answers out of his PRASNOTHRA RATHNA MALIKA in simple sentences for easy understanding.
This introduction should infuse the interest in you to read it sometime later to read more of this.
1. What should be accepted?
Guru’s advice
2. What should be avoided?
Bad acts.
3. Who is the Guru?
He who knows the truth and thinks of the good of his students.
4. What should be done speedily? 
Attain salvation by avoiding repeated birth and deaths.
5. What is good for you?
Dharma is good for you.
6. Who is learned?
He who is wise
7. What is poisonous?
Disregarding advice of elders.
8. What is the ultimate of ordinary life?
Thinking about the ultimate.
9. What should men yearn for?
The good of themselves and others.
10. What makes you tipsy like alcohol?  
Desire (attachment).
11. What is the climbing tendril in domestic life?
12. Who is your enemy?          
13. All people are afraid of what?
14. Who is blinder than the blind?
Man with desire
15. Who is valorous?
He who controls his mind
16. What is the nectar which can be eaten by our ears?
Advice by great people.
17. What is the root for recognition?
Not asking for favors from anybody.
18. What cannot be measured?                                                   
The damsel’s gait.
19. Who is wise?
He who is not deceived by women.
20. What is sorrow?
Being not satisfied
21. What is debasing?
Being forced to beg from a debased man.
22. What is hi-fi life?
Living a life without faults
23. What is ignorance?
Not getting trained in anything
24. Who is awake?
Wise man.
25. What is sorrow?

The foolishness of all living beings.

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