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In the lighter mood: Pleasant Surprise? (Humour)

Written by Maritime First

Bill and Abi had been married only a few weeks when Bill had to travel interstate on a job.

While he was away. Abi’s sister Betty moved in to keep her company.

Bill finished the job sooner than expected and was quickly on a plane home. When he arrived at the airport, he dashed to a phone.

Betty answered the call. “Is Abi there?” he asked.

‘’No, she’s having a bath,” said Betty.

“Don’t disturb her then. Just tell her to put a couple of beers in the fridge and I will be home about midnight. Tell her to put on her sheerest nightie and a dab of perfume and I will sneak in and wake her with a kiss.”

“Okay, and who will I say called?” asked Betty.


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