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Weekend Ginger: Nigerian Laws, Unlike The Medea, Don’t Last!‏

Written by Maritime First

THE Federal Government in October 2011, through a pronouncement from the then Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala ordered eight, out of the 16 Government agencies out of the Port.  In 2016, the Federal Government officially returned Plants Quarantine and the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) back to the ports. Others are expected to soon follow. Nigerian laws, unlike the Medea or Persian laws, do not last!

The Medea enacted laws. Nigerians enact emotions. Ask the National Assembly how many laws they have enacted in the past 10 years. The laws are so many,  most can’t remember, until the books are consulted. Ironically, some of the laws are basically the same, only different in names and year of enactment.

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

Please, don’t ask them how many of the laws are being implemented. Some of the laws would never be implemented. They were no laws. They were codified emotions, wishes and wishful daydream. A good example is the Cabotage law!

How can a group of people who have no functional iron or steel industry make a law, that only ships built in their country would be allowed to carry their goods?
How can a people lacking standard training platform for training recognized cadets make a law, stipulating that only Nigerians would be qualified to man Cabotage vessels?
And how can a country lacking every platform for loan financing in single digit make a law prescribing that all Cabotage vessels must be owned, by Nigerians, 100 percent?
When former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo said “I still dey laugh o!”,  nobody remembered to ask him how long he had been laughing!



Our strength is, sadly also, our weakness.  Every Government that comes, believes that the one before it was the most stupid, the most reckless and the most fraudulent. It treats whatever they achieved as elementary, inconsequential. Similarly, when another Government also comes, it treats too,  whatever the earlier one held sacred, with disdain!

When the former Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker had allegations of corruption against him, no one asked him to resign. It was okay to accept that every man is deemed innocent, until pronounced guilty, by a competent Authority. When Bukola Saraki has allegations of corruption brought against him, we demand he should resign!
Nigeria has no respect for tradition. Our emotions always becloud our senses!

When two APC juggernauts approached America, and successfully convinced the country not to sell arms and ammunition to Jonathan, peradventure the former President might stockpile and use it, to fight others, in the event of his losing election; it was Patriotism!.

When Governor Ayo Fayose approached China, begging the Peoples with the cheapest types of goods, not to lend us money,  because Nigeria can still survive without putting itself in serious debt yet, his action was pure Madness!

Nigeria has no respect for tradition. Our emotions always becloud our rational senses!

When for several months, the Boko Haram sacked several communities,  killing hundreds before rendering the remaining Agatus homeless, in Benue,  it was termed Farmers – Herdsmen conflict; but when they mistakenly wandered into Enugu, and committed less sacrilege, even Ekweremadu quaked, not only the Federal Government. The reason is simple: the average Igbo, unlike the Agatus would go for serious reprisal! The Indigenous People of Biafra may exploit the situation.

The reprisal would also not be instantaneous. Whereas the Yoruba would make their noise, especially on the pages of the papers, and everything would die there; the Igbo would like the proverbial duck, keep his peace,  bid his time; and then strike, inflicting a more deadly harm!
We rose in one Accord, to speak for the Igbos, not because we love them, but because we dread the magnitude of their reprisal!
Nigeria trades, feeds and celebrate hypocrisy!

A lucky nation. Nigeria is always lucky.  We are lucky the Governor there is Ugwuanyi, a man who could by mere words disarm a battalion. I know a little bit of Ugwuanyi. I was with him at close range at the Grand Hotel, in Asaba.  I was again,  with him at close range in London. We had spent a night together at New Castle. And then, we were back to his hotel in London.  A person with his gifts of words, can foreclose any reprisals!

But, is that a sufficient reason to totally abandon the Agatus, to their fate?! When the maxim says an Injustice anywhere, is an Injustice everywhere!

In the meantime, how far are we sure that those who devastated Benue, as well as the killers who invaded Enugu States are actually Herdsmen and not Boko Haram foot soldiers, masquerading as Fulani herdsmen?
Fulani herdsmen go wherever they go, with the cattle. And for these reasons they usually don’t maraude in a population far more than 25. And they do so, in the company of their cows. Those who reportedly attacked  Benue and the Enugu States were reportedly,  not fewer than 75. They also had no cows
So why do we call them Fulani herdsmen?
Has the Boko Haram foot soldiers having been dislodged from their traditional homes in the Sambisa forest finally decided to bring the battle to us, through the murdering of the rural unprotected population?
Have we truthfully defeated the Boko Haram group or have we merely and wrongfully equated a capacity to rid them from Sambisa to having actually defeated them?
Perhaps it is better, if those who told Mr. President that Boko Haram has been totally defeated also quickly conjure new theory of how herdsmen without their normal or usual herds, traveling long distances armed with sophisticated weapons suddenly qualify to be called Fulani HERDSMEN!
Perhaps our word like our laws, probably do not last!

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