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In the lighter mood: Reading the Will?!

Written by Maritime First

Tayo on his sick bed in the hospital called for his wife and four children.
Tayo: To you my wife (Deroju), take over the Petroleum Company.
Deroju: *Started crying loudly.*
Tayo: To you my first son (Ola), take over the shopping mall and the gas station.
Ola: *Screaming.*
Tayo: To you my second son(Ishola), take over the Airport.
Ishola: *Crying louder.*
Tayo: To you my third son(Dolapo), take over Sheraton Hotel.
Dolapo: *Wailing.*
Tayo: To you my only daughter(Dammy), the Teaching Hospital is yours.
Dammy : *Crying loudest*.
The confused nurse in the room with them asked: “I don’t
understand why you people are crying and screaming in pain, at least your Dad left you a great deal of properties to make you all comfortable till the end of time”.
Wife: Properties kor, comfortable ni. He is a cleaner and those are places he cleans everyday…??

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