In the lighter mood: Are you growing

One of the ways to identify if you’re growing or not as a leader is the kind of people you attract.
This universe is governed by laws
*#The Law Of Magnetism or attraction#*
This law states that *who you are is who you attract.* This means who you attract is determined by who you are not what you want. *Whether you like it or not there is something in your magnetic field that is attracting people with a particular behavior or similar nature to you.*
Growth in my own terms simply means to *”change your association.”*  If you observe that you still have the same set of friends you have 5-10 years ago better watch if you’re growing.
If truly you’re growing you’ll be changing friends. There are friends for the next level…You can’t become a billionaire if you don’t first have wealthy people as friends….#do your research #
Dr Myles Munroe once said “if you’re the best among your friends… Change your friends”?
Over the years I’ve lost many friends not because I hate them but they do not fit into my primary purpose….The more I choose to grow the more I notice some of my friends want to remain on the same level…. *That calls for separation*????
It’s so funny that some people say to me they are not growing and I ask “who are your friends”
?It’s not enough to study, pray and attend conference *if you’re in the wrong association you’ll not experience growth…*
_As a lady you’ve observed the kind of guys that are always asking you out are people you don’t like their makeup or behavior. You might want to check your magnetic field._
*?If you want to attract better person, become the kind of person you desire to attract.*
You have the power to change your life because only you can change your association.
Your *association* determines your *acceleration.*
©David Oyeleye