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EVANS: In every Bully, there is Cowardice!

Written by Maritime First
  • Husband, wife beg for Mercy!

One only needs to see the way the highly feared Evans has been talking to know that indeed, in every ‘Bully’, there is Cowardice!

One only needs to see the way the mighty and dreaded Evans has been ‘parroting, as he begged for mercy, to understand that once the giant hits the rock bottom, the minimum in him, like the dust, hits the fore! Does a man who collects N100m as ransom and still keeps his victim in chain, because the balance was yet to be paid knows the concept of mercy?

Can a man who collects and writes of $200,000, because the victim’s family visited the police lay any realistic claim, to any understanding of ‘mercy’?

What cannot be taken from the great Evans however, is that he wonderfully proved that laws in Nigeria, particularly the BVN law is not only an ass, but also, a cowardly cobweb: bullying the weak and poor like small insects, and letting the rich and strong crooks like Evans freely pan away!


Worse still, Nigerians know better now. That the BVN may never protect them. And Until the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the EFCC publicly comes out to explain the how’s and why’s Evans and his daring colleagues in crimes have effortlessly continue to collect their ransoms in Dollars and Naira, through the banks; and lodging same humongous sums in banks, without the banks tipping off the apex bank or the EFCC, the respect for BVN may remain in tartars!

Needless to ask now, how much did the great Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike pay in taxes?!

He was cool. He was smooth. Soft, non-muscular with a humble frame which could deceive even the angels, Evans created and waltz through maze of crimes, like in film director, freely choosing where and when to strike!

The multi-million building of Evans

He repeated the same crime, using same strategy, like Lucifer, over and over again!
The great Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike!

We must give it to him. Evans found an environment with a poor culture of history or record keeping. Evans simply exploited the nasty environment, exacerbated by poor memory and poverty.

It is interesting watching the Nigerian (Abuja) police celebrating his arrest. But the gesture leaves an unanswered question: why couldn’t the Lagos Police arrest Evans? Why wasn’t the Lagos Police group jubiliating when the multi-billionare kidnap kingpin met his Waterloo? Did they feel humiliated by the reality of the IGP sending his trusted taskforce from Abuja? And did Abuja send three taskforce teams, after losing confidence in the Lagos Police?

Evans is begging for forgiveness. Evans is asking for mercy. Pray, everybody has a good mother like Evans. Pray, every man identifies a virtuous woman and take for a wife; rather than throat cutting Jezebel and Delilahs!

Evans has no problem with the masses’ forgiveness. In fact, apart from providing the unusual, unexpected juicy stories to itching ears, we have long forgiveness him. He  doesn’t kidnap the poor. And with the kind of mind boggling ransom he demanded and collected, he obviously had nothing to do with them. Evans was a terror to the super rich!

Besides, the masses are a merciful lot. Even though they hardly obtain mercies!

Evans headache would be from the Law. That’s an exclusive domain of the wealthy. And with the law being an ass, a euphemism for a beast, it hardly forgive!

Worst still, now that the ‘My Lords’ are absolutely cautious of daring the EFCC. Not again?! At least, not so soon again!

And so, they might likely remember that a Police officer allegedly died in the attempt to ‘adultnap’ (or is still kidnap) the Chieftain of De Young Shall Grow Motors; and vicariously make him liable!

Evans does not need sympathy. What the great mind needs is a pack of brilliant and sharp witted lawyers. And five to 10 strong fire brand “Pastors”, who can ‘bind’, ‘lossen’ and ‘cast’ the demons either into or out of the court room at will, while the lawyers ‘mesmerise’ the Judge, particularly on loopholes rather than on points of law!

Evans didn’t kill any of his victims. He only ruins them: lives and business wise. They were free to decide whether or not to opt for death as a result of trauma or intimidating debts weight from ransom payments!

Nigerians are a uniquely brainy lot. Evans, observable favoured in the area of cranium is undoubtedly, a Nigerian. Only that the five recognised agents of Socialization failed woefully, to guide, harness and utilize his brain!

It is a Pity.
Living in the land of the Anaks, a land that feeds on its strong ones can be perilous!

Perhaps, Evan may also begin now to understand and appreciate the value of Mercy, as encapsulated by Shakespeare.

Even that, is also a great Pity!!!

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