Weekend Ginger: Is Customs Truly Shielding The Lagos Ports?

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  • Pray for the Police

No reasonable person needs to ask again if the Lagos ports are porous. What we should be asking is how much do we appreciate the mercy of God?!

When 661 pump action riffles came into the country, it was from the Lagos ports. By God’s grace, it was intercepted. When it’s completing consignment of over 400 riffles also came in, again it was through the Lagos ports. Any batch that God did not intercept, melted into towns! And any of it being used, illegally in the city, we childishly believe they came from the Niger Delta or midstream discharge!
Who would save my People from myopia?!

We owe Comptroller Abubakar Azarema kudo for laying it bare: the 1,149 cartons of  “unidentified pharmaceutical products” intercepted in Benin were smuggled into the country through the Lagos ports!

They were probably heading towards my mother’s home, Onitsha; or my friend’s home, Aba, from where they would be relabeled, repackaged and distributed nationwide!
Now, who would save Nigerians from Lagos ports?! Pray!

Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo

But, pray also for the Nigerian Police too. Things have seemingly gone so bad, that even the breast-suckling baby on his mother’s lap in Ikorodu neither fear nor respect them again!

I can remember in those old days, if a child was crying, a neighbour would shout “Junior, shut up now or we call police!” Ironically, the kid would shut up, even as the exasperated mother feigning fear, pleads, “Please, don’t call police. Please, don’t call police o!”

But how can anyone in Ikorodu still honour the most relevant institution in the country, if the stories emanating from Ikorodu in respect of the dreaded Badoo group and their blood sucking gangs are anything to go by?

How can the Badoo’s evil group come into existence in June 2016; and one year after, no culprit has been arrested or prosecuted? How can a body of youths, allegedly engaged and heavily paid by some unscrupulous, but well to do adults, freely and mindlessly sneak into the abodes of unprotected Nigerians, murder them in cold blood and make away with their hanky-soaked blood for over a year; and no one, particularly the police, bares an eyelid?!

Senate President, Bukola Saraki

Has the police lost its aura of invincibility so much so, that even an arrested and detained billionaire (adultnapper) kidnapper, Evans can sue its Inspector General, demanding N300m, as aggravated damages for whatever reasons?

Haa! O ma se o! Esuro ti pa idi da… o wa n le aja! (The antelope has turned course…it is now pursuing the hounding dog!)

It is incredulous!

It is saddening. It calls for serious concerns. The police is our common heritage. It is the nation’s first real ‘Commonwealth’. If you are in doubt: the day you are attacked, call the thugs! Except you are the legendary Eruobodo in Ibadan!

The worst is looming in Ikorodu. The people, having lost faith in the police as a neutral and most credible refuge of the common man, have embarked on administration of jungle justice on suspected members of the society.


Now, no one goes out again in Ikorodu to seek for debtors to settle debts. Now, if anyone playfully calls you ‘Badoo!!’ in Ikorodu, just disappear. For no amount of running, pleading or incantations would save you!

Unconfirmed reports indicated that every blood soaked handkerchief successfully delivered attracted N500,000! The Holy Book says blood is life! The Badoo guy know blood is money. It could turn a yesterday loafers, into a revered millionaire overnight!

Pray! A country that never cares how you made your money, before throwing chieftaincy titles at ‘pigs’! Now can anyone still blame a highly revered shipping mogul, Greg Ogbeifun, who has stuck to the more honourable title of ‘Engr.’, despite iconic overtures, even from decent sources, to accept, just one Chieftaincy title?!

In the meantime, let us join the good people of Osun State, to felicitate with the latest Senator in town: Adetunji Adeleke! His victory, is not a POD victory. It is a victory for democracy!

And when you see the dexterity with which he approached the hard rhythms, you can understand many things: it was probably the first good thing happening to him, after his brother, Senator Isiaka Adeleke passed on, allegedly as a result of ‘drug overdose’!

Secondly, it was milestone, coming from the background of unpredictability, as a PDP flag-bearer, to defeat an APC opponent, with a sitting Governor as one of the unfriendly voters! For hardly was the results out, than some took to the streets: “APC is finally, on its way out”!; even as some countered it, drawing mockery attention to the new Senator’s body-hard dancing movements!

Beautiful and energetic dancing steps. And could save more lives if emulated, even if you don’t go to the gyms again!

But beyond that, we also know that the victory enabled him create a record: he was becoming the third Adeleke to become a Senator, from a Single Ede family!

How many families have such distinguished milestones achievements?!

As highlighted by a reliable Online source:

“Ademola Adeleke is the 3rd Senator to be produced by the Adeleke family of Ede.
“His dad, late Ayoola Adeleke was the Senator that represented Osun 2 Senatorial District of the Old Oyo State on the platform of the UPN in the 2nd Republic. There were 95 senators in all with 5 Senators from each of the 19 States then.

“Of course, Demola’s brother, late Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke was the second senator from that family.

“Secondly, Ademola’s landslide victory was not the first for an Adeleke.
His father won the Osun 2 seat in 1979 on a heavy landslide.
This was the result:

1979 Osun II district senatorial election
A. Ayoola UPN – 115,368
A. Durosomo NPN – 19,559
O. Fabode GNPP – 2,001
E. Oyebola NPP – 453”, our source concluded.


Keep praying.

Pray for the President!

May Nigeria live Forever!!

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