In the lighter mood: Patience is key!


He came home from work, tired. Sat down on the sofa. Put his feet up.

Wife brought him a glass of water. Son gave him a sheet of paper 📄

And he read through:

English Lang.    17%

Biology               35%

Mathematics    40%

Physics              37%

Chemistry          42%

Economics        12%

Agric. Science   19%

Religion Knowl. ABSENT

Geography         22%

Suddenly, he lost his temper

And he started shouting:

“What is this? All the time on phone and TV.

How dare you show me such marks? How dare you?

His Wife said: “Be patient. Listen….”

He told her:

“Shut up!

It’s your love and pampering that has spoilt him. He is no good and never serious at all.”

His Wife said:

“Oh Really?”

He said:

“No one in our family has performed so badly, ever.”

Son said:

“Dad, I am sorry I made you angry. I was cleaning the old cupboard and I found this.”

“It is your old school report card, dated 27th July, 1980 sir.”

Dad became humbled and dumbfounded. Imagine the atmosphere afterwards. Calmness in air.

Patience is key!

Do not hasten to judge. Listen more, listen longer.