In the lighter mood : *START NOW!!*

Written by Maritime First

British Airways was there yet Richard Branson started Virgin Atlantic.

Yahoo Mail & Messenger were existing yet Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook.

Coca Cola had been selling yet Pepsi started producing their brand.

Walmart is a major force in the retail market, yet Target still came out.

Nokia & Samsung were in every store but it didn’t stop Apple from producing IPhones.

My friends, the presence of another force in the system does not mean you will fail

It rather should tell you that it is possible.

If they can make it, you too can.

Stop limiting yourself,

Stop giving yourself excuses.

You will never know unless you tried.

There’s enough success to be achieved.

An Aeroplane usually crash with another on the ground.

When they fly, they respect each other.

They follow the rules.

When you are down, you think flying is hard, but to the pilot, it’s easy.

Every high flight comes with risks but it’s worth the gain.

Stop procrastinating, start today.

What is that dream of yours?

Make it real from today.

You don’t have to be big, just start.

You don’t have to be accepted, start.

You don’t know where to start from,

Start from where you are.

You want  to be a big music star,

Start making short clips from your phone.

You can’t conquer the world until you conquer yourself.

Your room, computer and cellphone can become an office.

Your biggest customer could be that next door neighbor.

Your major breakthrough could be that last friendship request you accepted.

There’s opportunity everywhere and it works better for active people.

Don’t forget your helpers are out there waiting to invest in you but that won’t happen if you don’t start.

I have much to say but let me stop here so you can *START NOW.*

God bless you real good

Be the best!


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