*1. Pursue* something. Don’t walk in the entire 365 days without having something particular in mind to achieve. Start a  project, etc. Just do something!

*2. Walk* with people wiser or stronger than you. In 2018, surround yourself with people who will inspire you, who will make you feel you can do better, who will challenge you on.

*3. Check* your dressing or appearance. Don’t put on ‘anything’ just because it covers your nakedness. Your appearance tells a lot about you. Iron your dress neatly. Don’t wear ‘big big’ dresses in the name of religion. Wear more decent but fitting dresses. This is the slogan: Simple but Classy.

*4. Check* how you talk. Before you open your mouth, be minded of who you are talking to, where you are talking, when you are talking and also know that your integrity is at stake. In every situation, choose silence over speech unless you don’t have any option.

*5. Visit* your parents quite often. Charley, the old man and woman in the village don’t need your money, they merely need your company. They need someone they can see and feel proud that they too could see their children be priest, etc.

 *6. In 2018,* be more prayerful. Suzie, you can’t live your life thinking things occur merely logically. There’s a Supreme Being who makes things happen, pray to Him.

*7. In 2018,* always think Positive while being Realistic. When you see tigers praying to God, don’t join them. You can be positive that they won’t ‘chop’ you since they are praying but be realistic too that after the prayers, they’ll remain tigers and God will feed them with flesh.

*8. In 2018,* Invest more, save less, spend less. Put your money into investment ventures. Invest with wisdom. Buy T-bills, buy shares, buy fixed deposits, money markets, etc.

In fact, get more than one stream of income!

*9. Atta* Mills is gone, Ghana is moving on. Dunlop tyre is gone Nigeria is moving on,Komla Dumor is gone, BBC is still operating,  The point is, don’t work your life out. You won’t take your work with you when you die. You are not as important as you think, calm down. Take time off work, go and do medical check-up, visit your family, visit Aburi gardens or the beach and appreciate nature, etc!

Genesis 1:1-3 God and d Spirit of God await d Inspiration of God through d word manifested in Light before proper creation took place. Let inspiration of God give Light,illumination, sponsorships to your endeavor in d coming year.

Maximally develop your value as u help your home to progressively advance in qualitative life.

Expectations of d best from others should first start with my exemplary leadership so that unreserved response, respect and cooperation can come from our home to u as d head

Anger is an emotional expression that require still small voice of d Holy Spirit to manage and control- seek God’s guidance to help u because A FOOL is controlled by ANGER

Daily devotion is a MUST personally and channeled towards evangelism and discipleship- this is our primary duty in this season

U and your spouse must deliberately develop CONVERGENT focus NOT DIVERGENT- it is a nonnegotiable duty of a godly conviction of a team (couple)