Revealed: Names of 105 Girls Abducted By Boko Haram

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Last Monday, Boko Haram( Western Education is a sin) attacked the hostels of Government Girls Science Technical College, Dapchi, Bursari Local Government Area in Yobe State and abducted One hundred five girls.There have been claims and counter claims of rescues, but the fact is that President Buhari and his security agents have not been able to account for the whereabout of this pupils.

Reproduced below are the names of the abductees:

Fatima Bashir

Aisha Kachalla

Zainab Abubakar

Falmata Wakil

Fatima Isa

Fatima Musa

Aisha Usman

Aisha Adamu

Fatima Isa

Hauwa A. Mohammed Idriss

Maryam Mohammed

Fatima Mohammed II

Hauwa Salisu

Hassana Gambo

Aisha Adamu

Adama Garba

Zara Grema

Maryam Daamkontoma

Zainab Bama

Fatsuma Abdullahi

Fatima Yahaya Tarbutu

Amina Yahaya Tarbutu

Amina Adamu

Hajara Ali

Fatima Abdullahi

Fatsuma Ali

Zara’U Mohammed

Salamatu Garba

Falmata Alh. Inuwa

Falmata Alh. Ali

Aisha B. Danjuma

Maryam Bashir

Maryam Aliyu Mabu

Fatima Modu Bamba

Aisha Modu Bamba

Hafsat Haruna

Rabi Alh. Nasiru

Hadiza Moh’D

Fatima Aji Hassan

Falmata Wakil

Aisha Wakil

Falmata A. Audu

Aisha Maina

Aisha Mohammed

Aisha Mamuda

Name missing on list

Zainab Usman

Hadiza Mohammed Taiduma

Maryam Ibrahim

Fatima M. Gira

Hafsat Ibrahim Gira

Maryam Ibrahim

Zara Tijjani

Amina Haruna

Fatima Adamu

Khadija Mai Sale

Khadija Ali

Habiba Musa Jakana

59 Fatima Bukar

Hajara Gidado

Maryam Basiru

Fatima Usman

Maryam Ibrahim

Leah Sherubu

Aisha Alh. Deri

Fatima Hassan Mustapha

Zainab Manu

Zara Tijjani

Zainab Bukar Abba

Hauwa Saidu Abubakar

Karima Inusa

Amina A. Abubakar

Yakura Sani

Rabi Yahaya Tela

Hajara Yahaya Tela

Marya Mustapha

Aisha Abdullahi

Maryam Adamu Mohammed

Bintu Usman

Fatsuma Mohammed

Salamatu Isiyaku

Hauwa Lawan

Aisha B. Danjuma

Aisha Moh’D Jakusko

Hauwa Bulama

Fatima Abubakar Jambo

Walida Adamu

Fanna Mohammed

Aisha M. Bukar

Maryam Usman

Aisha Abba Aji

Maryam Usman

Maimuna A. Hassan

Zara Musa

Maryam Mohammed Kaku

Khadija Suleiman

Habiba Nuhu Dan Inu

Fatima Isiyaku Aliyu

Sahura Jibir Mohammed

Khadija Grema Dabuwa

Zara Grema Dabuwa

Zara Mohammed Lawan

Fatima Mohammed

Fati Modu Aisami

Fatsuma Alli

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