Weekend Ginger: ANLCA: Mini Nigeria exuding all Nigeria lacks!

ANLCA boss, Prince Olayiwola Shittu

… Nothing can be more honouring, than a Credible Successor, through a Credible Election!

He may certainly feel tired, weak or worn out. But, the outgoing National President, Association of Nigerian License Customs Agents  (ANLCA), Prince Olayiwola Shittu would be no doubt happy, with a deep sense of accomplishment! Why couldn’t Nigeria be just this lucky?!

He met a body in shambles. Political succession was a periodic cataclysmic exercise. Their elections sometimes was glorified by physical presence of touts and thugs!

Nigerians refused to honour them, despite their strategic importance, economic relevance and the high hope they portrayed for the future. They called their members “forwarding and backwarding” agents. And honestly, a few of them actually lived in the negative image! They had strength. They fought themselves with it. They disintegrated. Factions grew and competed with themselves. Like Nigeria the body headed towards a cliff. It was like all hope was lost…And, then, suddenly Olayiwola Shittu appeared!

He wasn’t the richest amongst them. He wasn’t the wisest amongst them. As a matter of fact, he was merely their common image maker!

Iju Nwabunike

He focused on their strength; not his own. He harnessed it and ensured they stopped fighting themselves. Then, he worked on the media and ensured they stopped writing divisive controversies. He then introduce an institutional vision, throwing at his members a vision that consciously and conscientiously aimed upwards for self esteem.

The members suddenly not only found themselves, but also their strength. Collectively, they choosed a new name, ‘Customs Brokers’, rejecting their former appellation. Like the Igbo would say: Onye kwere, chi ya e kwere! (When you agree, your God agrees). Try calling them forwarding and backwarding agents today, and see how sharply they react!

Over night, the members became proud. Walking in one accord, they entrenched discipline. Discipline consolidated their gains. Nigerians are not mad. If you worked tirelessly, inspiringly, creating ‘hopes, that maketh not ashame’, who would stand against your second tenure?

They were in the middle of building an intimidating secretariat, when the re-election exercise came. They gave it to him, on a platter of gold! In return, he bequeathed on them, a noteworthy secretariat: Dikko Inde Abdullahi House!

Yet, all these couldn’t have moved the Maritime First to write a line for ANLCA. Only two things motivated this write up: the peaceful, free and observably fair ANLCA Election in the week, which produced a highly credible, experienced and affable successor, Tony Iju Nwabunike! And the fact that we have neither seen, contacted or phone Shittu in the past one year! So, no one can accuse us of sychophantic adulation!

Congratulations Shittu! We see your dedicated effort as an infinitesimal microcosm of what you can do in future. You are exuding on what the nation has variously tried and failed at.

Congratulations Iju Nwabunike! Your own ‘little Nigeria’ is just being foisted on your shoulders. Your stupendous wealth of experience, garnered at the business, group and CRFFN levels will now be seriously tested! A test that may also attempt, overwhelming being ravishingly handsome!

ANLCA is lucky to have Shittu. The Americans are lucky to have Trump; a man who can effortlessly turn a half clad model, into a most responsible, enviably beautiful housewife! In Nigeria, our leaders turn well dressed responsible house wives into prostitutes!

We hope, in few months time, we can again look out and see what wonders Nwabunike is also doing with his ‘mini-Nigeria’!

Pray for Nigeria as you enjoy your refreshing weekend.

Praise also Mr. President, for the altruistic visit to Taraba State. It is noteworthy, even if some would rather grieve it is coming a lot late. Pray for your country!

May the President live forever!