In the lighter mood: USA VISA FEE SLIDES?


Contrary to wide spread insinuations, the United States Visa Fees may officially slide, beginning from today.

A statement sent to the Maritime First from the Mavlon Consult indicated that fees, especially the B1/ B2 category is actually decreasing.

According to the statement signed by Mavlon chieftain, A. Olufunso, rumour of any increase should be ignored.

“Over the past few weeks, news have been going round that the U.S.A visa fee for the B1/B2 category will increase as from today 27th March 2018.

“We are writing this mail to inform you that the news is totally false. As a matter of fact, the embassy exchange rate for Visa fees went down, which means that the visa fees actually reduced not i9ncreased as from Today 27th March, 2018.

“To verify the actual visa fee exchange rate visit the official site of the US Embassy in Nigeria:

“Kindly forward this message to all your contacts who may have been misinformed”.