Migrants’ madness: 26 Chechens detained in Germany after brawl with Afghans


….As Chancellor says Austria, Germany, Italy plan to curb illegal migration together***

Not fewer than 26 Chechen Asylum Seekers were detained, though later released in connection with a mass brawl with a group of Afghans migrants, German Police said on Wednesday.

Austria, Germany, Italy have however decided to curb the problem of illegal migration together.

The migrants were detained near a refugee accommodation in the Eastern German City of Cottbus.

Three Chechens and three Afghans were first injured in the brawl, which occurred in a sports field near their accommodation in Cottbus.

But another Afghan was injured several hours later in an emergency room, where he was attacked by a Chechen man with a fire extinguisher.

Separately on the same night, a Syrian man was beaten and attacked with pepper spray by nine Afghan migrants, police said.

Police searched the refugee accommodation on Wednesday and confiscated several striking weapons.

Cottbus made international headlines earlier this year during right-wing demonstrations in response to a perceived rise in crimes by asylum seekers.

The protests came after two Syrian teenagers injured a 16-year-old German boy with a knife, and three Syrians teens threatened a German couple with a knife outside a Cottbus mall.

Meanwhile, Vienna, Berlin and Rome intend to work together to tackle the problem of illegal migration, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Wednesday.

“I welcome such good cooperation which we want to build between Rome, Berlin and Vienna.

“It is a sensible partnership, which will contribute to the reduction of illegal migration in Europe,’’ Kurz said at a news conference following his talks with German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

The chancellor added that such regional cooperation was justified because immigrants often arrived in Austria through Italy and, if unwilling to settle there, then went on to Germany.

“Austria, which takes over the Presidency of the Council of the EU on July 1, planned to focus on curbing illegal immigration.

“Also to strengthen Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, not only in terms of personnel or finances, but also by providing new mandates,’’ Kurtz stressed.

The chancellor explained that Europe needed to update its immigration policy, stressing that many EU states shared Vienna’s position that it was up to Europeans, not illegal migrants, to decide who came.

Seehofer confirmed Germany’s intention to join the trilateral group on illegal immigration.

Europe has seen a major influx of immigrants and refugees since 2015.

According to Europol, over 90 per cent of migrants traveling to the EU sought help of criminal groups to reach Europe.

Europol also says that Germany is one of the preferred destinat