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Another Migrant Rescue Vessel to Arrive in Spain

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…As Heavy monsoon rains lash Pakistan, killing 3 in Lahore city***

A boat carrying 59 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean will dock in the Port of Barcelona after Italy and Malta closed their ports for the vessel.

On June 30, the boat Open Arms, operated by Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms, rescued the distressed people stranded in a rubber dinghy.

After both Italy and Malta denied access to the boat, Barcelona’s mayor Ada Colau announced on Saturday that the migrants were allowed to arrive in Barcelona.

Proactiva Open Arms said that all aboard the vessel Open Arms are heading to a safe port, having been faced with “inhumane policies and closed ports in Italy and Malta”.

“Despite obstacles, we continue to protect the right to life of those invisible and most vulnerable at sea,” the NGO added.

The 4,000 BHP Open Arms is scheduled to arrive in Barcelona on July 4.

Over 200 migrants drowned in the past few days in the Mediterranean, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). On July 1, a small rubber boat carrying migrants capsized off Al Khums, east of Tripoli. Some 100 people were reported missing by the Libyan Coast Guard, while 41 migrants survived. What is more, 103 persons died in a similar incident, also caused by smugglers taking migrants to sea on board unsafe vessels.

So far this year, the death toll has passed 1,000, IOM informed.

“There is an alarming increase in deaths at sea off Libya Coast. Smugglers are exploiting the desperation of migrants to leave before there are further crackdowns on Mediterranean crossings by Europe,” Othman Belbeisi, IOM Libya Chief of Mission, said.

In the meantime, torrential monsoon rains have lashed many cities across Pakistan, flooding streets and killing three people.

The deaths from Tuesday’s rain were reported in the eastern city of Lahore, where residential areas flooded. It also exposed flaws in the sewer system, which flooded some of the city’s streets.

According to the Meteorological Department, more heavy rains are expected this month.

Every year, many cities and towns in Pakistan struggle to cope with the annual monsoon deluge, drawing criticism about poor planning.

Pakistan’s monsoon season runs from July through September.

Rains also swell rivers during the monsoon season, causing floods that kill people and damage crops and infrastructure.

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