Spanish trawler capsized, in the Atlantic, 1 dead 1 missing


…As Dry cargo ship listed in Algerian port***

A Spanish trawler, DORNEDA capsized and sank on Wednesday, July 11 in vicinity 45 08S 060 11W, South Atlantic, some 200 nm off Argentina coast.

Some 25 crew were found later in life rafts and rescued from life boat, and rescued by Argentine fishing boat, even as one was reported dead, while one remained missing.

Most of the crew are Spanish, while the others comprised of Moroccans, Peruvians and Indonesians.

The trawler reportedly capsized during trawl up heaving, a not unheard of accident which may befall trawlers.

Some three years ago, Russian trawler capsized and sank in Okhotsk sea in similar circumstances.

Trawl went abeam of ship’s hull when rudder was hard a board, plus heavy seas, also contributing to the loss of stability.

Meanwhile, a General cargo ship PASHA developed starboard side list in the afternoon Jul 9 at Tenes port, Algeria, being docked alongside berth, in the process of off loading cargo of wooden panels for local furniture factory.

Some 11 people, including 2 crew and 9 dockers, were slightly injured. There was however, no serious danger of capsizing, as the ship was to be righted by ballast management.

As in many cases like this one, when berthed dry cargo ship suddenly develops a heavy list during cargo operation, as a result of initial lack of stability, it was usually blamed faulty ballasting, which often, is the most probable cause.

It is quite understandable, that any weight shift, when stability is about zero, may trigger sudden list or even capsizing.