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It’s my deal, no deal or no Brexit at all- UK PM May

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…As Syrian envoy wants cooperation with Lebanon on refugees’ return***

Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday said British lawmakers faced a choice ahead of a vote on her Brexit deal, approving her deal or facing an exit with no deal or even the reversal of Brexit.

May said she was speaking to lawmakers about giving parliament a bigger role in whether the Northern Irish backstop arrangement would be triggered, though she gave few details.

She said some in parliament were trying to frustrate Brexit and that she did not think another referendum on Brexit was the right course.

“There are three options: one is to leave the European Union with a deal, the other two are that we leave without a deal or that we have no Brexit at all.

“It’s clear that there are those in the House of Commons who want to frustrate Brexit and overturn the vote of the British people and that’s not right,” May told BBC radio.

May repeatedly sidestepped questions on whether she would delay the Dec. 11 vote, however did hint at possible concessions on the Northern Irish backstop.

“There are questions about how decisions are taken as to whether we go into the backstop, because that isn’t an automatic.

“The question is: do we go into the backstop? Do we extend what I call the implementation period?” she said.

She did not directly answer the questions when asked repeatedly what her “Plan B” would be if her deal was rejected.

In the meantime, Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Ali, on Thursday called for close cooperation between Lebanon and Syria on the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland, local media reported.

“The return of Syrian refugees is expected to increase in the coming period and the close coordination between Lebanese and Syrian authorities is a must.

“It is in the interest of both countries to work closely; terrorism has hit both Lebanon and Syrian.

“Also, the Israeli enemy is threatening security in both countries,’’ Ali said.

Lebanese Prime Minister designate, Saad Hariri, had previously announced that Lebanon would not negotiate directly with the Syrian regime on the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.

“We are coordinating with the Russians to secure a voluntary return of refugees to their country with help of the international community,’’ he said.

Hariri, a long-time supporter of the Syrian opposition, announced earlier in August his unwillingness to visit Syria or meet with Assad under any circumstance, even if that would cost him his position.


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