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OYO: PDP storms Ogbomosho zone, with Seyi Makinde pledging better Governance

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…Says: We will lift the State from the tatters!***

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Governorship Aspirant in Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde stormed Ogbomosho on Thursday with a pledge to rebuild and refocus Oyo State, from its present tattered state, if voted into power next month. 

Flagging off the governorship campaign from Ogo Oluwa local government, Seyi Makinde addressed the tumultuous crowd that welcomed him with the assurances of his Government building companies, a university, and provide good roads among others for the community. 

Sauntering in Ogbomosho, where he was also received by a noteworthy, crowd of party faithfuls and concerned citizens. 

Oba Abdul-Yekeen Ayinla Oladipupo (IV), Onikoyi of Ikoyi Ile (L) and Engr. Seyi Makinde, PDP Gubernatorial candidate

Makinde said he wasn’t promising anyone mega schools; but he would equip the existing schools in the community with what they needed; in addition to promoting agriculture, with dedicated commitment. 

Talking with the kings of each community, the Businessman cum politician promised that as soon as got into power,his Government will prioritise the payment of their entitlements, particularly their statutory five per cent from the state allocation, and will be given to each of them; and urged each one of them to enlighten their people on the need to vote for the right person, as the people were sometimes, ignorant of the basic facts and may therefore fall prey to deceptive words. 

Seyi Makinde pleading for the people’s support

“I promise to provide employment for the youth, not one that pays N10,000 a month for graduates,  but through industrialization of the communities. 

“I am not promising mega schools in the rural areas but the schools there will be developed, with the necessary equipment put in place and good learning environment for the students.  

“Agriculture, good roads and many others will be done. Also the kings who have been denied their entitlements for a while, this will be worked on and everyone will receive his or her rights and entitlements,” he stated.  

Seyi Makinde with the Alapa of Okin Apa

Makinde also pleaded with the people not to sell their votes, but tasked them to collect whatever bribe was given to them as it is still their money; stressing however, that if they had to use their votes to collect the bribe, they should ignore it and endure the hunger for just two months until the take over power, because then, they will have more than enough.

Speaking on LAUTECH, the PDP governorship candidate grieved that the institution failed to record any meaningful achievements or development in the last eight years, in whatever form, and highlighted that he donated N5 million for the development of the school, while pleading with the present government to drop their ego and accept responsibility for their failures.  

The governorship candidate, Seyi Makinde (2nd left) with other PDP chieftains during the rally at Ogbomoso

“I donated the sum of N5 million for the development fund of LAUTECH, because when I spoke with the lecturers and students of the institution it came to my knowledge that in the last eight years no stone has been placed on another.

“There are two parties contesting in Oyo State, which are PDP and APC, if you don’t like one party vote for the other. Make sure you cast your vote for one of these parties especially for the PDP because any vote outside these is a wasted vote, which will affect the votes of the Peoples Democratic Party,” he said.

Hon Alh Mulikat Akande-Adeola PDP Senatorial candidate; Oba Abdul-Yekeen Ayinla Oladipupo (IV), Onikoyi of Ikoyi Ile; Engr. Seyi Makinde, PDP Gubernatorial candidate; and his running mate Engr Rauf Aderemi Olaniyan

Makinde through Thursday to Friday equally took his time and visited the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) of various local government of Ogbomoso; pleading for their support, while emphasising that he would not forget them and the other religions. He further urged them not to see politics as a dirty game but should support government for the betterment of the people. 

While responding to greetings of the PDP candidate, a king in Ogo Oluwa local government, who spoke on behalf of the other kings, Oba Isiaka Ogunmola, the Oluwo Ate of Iwo Ate, called attention to the rural areas, noting their sufferings as a result of their general neglect in the area of developments. The monarch specifically called for urgent intervention, in the fact that they had no good water, no light, no employment for their youth and no good roads in the community. 

Oba Isiaka Ogunmola, Oluwo Ate of Iwo-Ate (2nd left); Oba David Oyegade, Onidere of Idere (2nd right) flanked by other kings in Ogo Oluwa local govt, Ogbomoso during the campaign.

Speaking in the same vein, another chief in Ikoyi Ile community thanked the politician and the party for the good works; saying even when not in power, the party was doing enough to speak for them.

Makinde assured the electorates that the party would be faithful to the people, the common man, administering the populace with the fear of God; and stressed that though they were presently not in power at the moment,  they have a God powerfully positioned on their side, and determined to place them in position, meant to ensure the greater good of the State and Country, as a whole. 

Makinde is embarking on the task of wooing the people of Ibadan, Ibarapa today!

Meanwhile, the PDP flag bearer in Oyo State today made a promise to the people of Eruwa, to ensure that the Eruwa Dam is rehabilitated and made to effectively end the water scarcity, a phenomenon noted as a major headache of the entire community.

Speaking on the need to frontally tackle the problem of the people, he assured them that though the people and the Government would work together at arriving on major decision, he would personally not be too disposed to Cattle ranching or colony. He insisted that his government would not be that of deception.

He recalled coming during the last campaign period to contest for the same position, but explained that the event of the time showed it wasn’t really his time to rule. 

He also highlighted that he would work on the Eruwa Poly, to bring about developments to the community.

“There’s a difference between the two main parties; especially of those ruling presently.  The PDP when they ruled brought about plenty,  but the opposite is the case for the other party,” he said. 

L-R: PDP governorship candidate, Engr. Seyi Makinde; Olubere of Ibeere land, Oba (Dr.) Adetunji Adetayo Samuel; and Baale Saliu Ayinla, Alaroje at ward 2 Surulere local goverment.

He further mentioned that pensioners were owed N40billion, assuring that from whatever allocation the State receives, the pensioners will always be given their fair share.

In concluding, he pleaded with the King and the people to support the PDP’s cause to get to their desired position, adding that the people were again being deceived, and consequently, urged the monarch to enlighten his community on how to cast their votes. 

Makinde stated that, the people, if bribed by the other party, should collect the bribe as it was the people’s money,  but should vote for their conscience which he knows it’s the Peoples Democratic Party. 

The Eleruwa of Eruwa, Oba Samuel Adebayo Adegbola, when responding said if it was possible for him to contest for a post to benefit the grassroots people he would, stating that all they wanted was the betterment of the people in their constituency.

He explained that for people to come promising this and that and failing to fulfill them, was a sad thing, and posited that it was foolish to hide the people’s money and lie that there’s was no money. 

Highlighted that the dam was there with water but piping was the issue and this doesn’t cost much.  

“Of what benefit would it be for some to have access to basic amenities while others don’t. It is not fair!

“We plead with the candidates to fulfill their campaign promises, on water, heath, good roads. 

“Why was it difficult for the people to have prepaid meters,” he asked,  stating that people should pay tax, and that the leaders were more interested in defrauding the people

“Change is inevitable. It’s not until thuggery is involved before you can win election. 

“People should monitor the coming election very well to avoid rigging. 

“God will crown your efforts with success. You will not be put to shame. 

We follow all you say, but you have to fulfill your promises,” the  Monarch stated. 

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