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Weekend Ginger: What NLC taught ASUU: Do not trust your Government!

IPPIS: If FG stops our salary, we will stop work – ASUU insists
Written by Maritime First

…As Nigerians ask: When will University students go back to schools??***

There’s an indubitable lesson the brouhaha between the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Federal Government over the national minimum wage has thought the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU): do not ever trust your Government!

Hardly was the meeting between the Government and ASUU over, on January 8th, than a release purportedly signed by the ASUU hit the social media: Government has resolved with lectures; Over N15bn has been paid ASUU; students should resume on January 9; and please rebroadcast!

I saw my neighbour jumping up and down in celebration like a man whose wife had delivered twins and inquired reasons for his joy! His reply: Government has resolved with ASUU; his son would go back to school immediately!

But while the family was procuring new set of provisions for the young man to take to school, ASUU came back loud and clear: ‘we will not resume until we confirm evidence of payment’!

But for the remarkable manoeuvres of Government/ NLC, one would have called the university teachers nasty names! 

I love this Government. The great Philosopher, Plato advised that every Government must initiate and perfect the Platonic lie! It has probably worked with NLC. 

Today, many workers have come to disrespect and disown NLC leadership on the basis of dubious integrity. And sometimes, it is like the leadership only ‘quake’, after due consideration, negotiations and approval of the Federal Government!

I love this Government. They have applied the Plato’s grand lie! The NLC is yet to recover. But, the Ministers of Labour and that of Education have probably forgotten that the lecturers who daily taught their students everything about Plato cannot but know the limitations!

If the fund was released on the 9th, what kind of bank is sitting still on it, irrespective of the great toll its taking on the future of Education and the nation’s youths?!

We grow everyday.  Once grounded, twice powdery! 

In the meantime, Nigerians who travelled through the Lagos- Ibadan Expressway during the Christmas period when Government tasked the road construction companies to dismantle all encumberances have again started begging the Minister of Works, Raji Fashola not to allow the closure, until the contractors are ready to go to work.

Everyone who regularly plies that route knows that Arepo to Redeemed Camp, a distance of about 15 kilometres takes two to three hours, because of the man-made impediments. But come Christmas, and government in its infinite goodness tasked the Construction company, the Julius Berger to remove all bottlenecks. Pronto! The duration for same distance collapsed to 9minutes! Sadly, the Christmas is over; the bottlenecks are back; and yesterday it took two hours and three minutes to cover!

Students protest

Must we wait for Christmas before Nigerians can enjoy the joy of an expressway without deliberate manmade bottlenecks??

Everyone is happy that the 2nd Niger Bridge is presently enjoying the premium attention it deserves. But, shouldn’t we allow innocent citizens coming back from Christmas; and the everyday people who live in Ibafo and Mowe, but work in Lagos, enjoy the freedom of getting home on time too?

The Government is good. It is the King’s men that are not helping matters!

May Nigeria live…forever!

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