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Czech Republic offers Nigerians, others €4,000 to leave country

Written by Maritime First

…As NB warns consumers about misleading Amstel Malta video***

The Czech Republic has set up a new programme meant to encourage migrants from Nigeria, Iraq, Mongolia, Russia and Vietnam to leave their country and not return.

A local newspaper, Remix, reports that anyone who voluntarily leaves the country and promises not to return not only to the Czech Republic but to the European Union would be eligible for the money.

The programme, tagged Returns is supposed to help them fund transportation costs and integration in their countries of origin, including accommodation, household equipment or domestic animal expenses.

The Interior Minister, Jan Hamáček, announced it will be suitable for all categories of foreigners, those who are legally in the country, illegals and asylum seekers as well.

Allocation for the programme amounts to 60 million Czech Koruna (€2.3m), 75 per cent of which is to be covered from the European Asylum, migration and integration fund.

Each individual could get funds ranging between 40,000 Kč and 100,000 Kč. First funded returns should be processed in the third quarter of 2019, the report said.

Similar programmes are already underway in other European states and they aim to encourage migrants who are unwanted in the respective countries and would not be granted asylum to leave.

Statistically, only 40 per cent of rejected asylum seekers are deported from the EU. And while the allocation will be a burden for the taxpayers, the cost is by far less than deportation would.

The minister noted that especially detention of illegals is extremely costly, which goes hand-in-hand with administrative procedures and healthcare expenses.

In the meantime, the Nigerian Breweries Plc has reassured consumers of Amstel Malta, that though rebranded, the beverage is not fake.

The firm stated this in response to a video purportedly circulating on some social media platforms alleging the existence of a ‘fake’ Amstel Malta in the market.

In a statement made available to our correspondent during the week, NB said, “The attention of Nigerian Breweries Plc has been drawn to a video circulating on some social media platforms alleging the existence of a ‘fake’ Amstel Malta in the market. This claim is based on the fact that there are differences in the NIS Logo on the Amstel Malta packaging.

“We wish to clarify and assure all our valued consumers and lovers of Amstel Malta that there is no fake Amstel Malta in the market.”

NB explained further that it recently revised the packaging of Amstel Malta and incorporated the new NIS Quality logo from the Standards Organisation of Nigeria,  adding that the change  was approved by the relevant regulatory agencies, including the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

It added, “The claim in the video under reference, that the Amstel Malta with the new NIS Logo is ‘fake’ is incorrect and misleading. SON, the owners of the NIS Quality Logo, have variously confirmed the change in the  certifying logo and had in fact commended Amstel Malta for being the first producer to incorporate the new NIS Logo in its packaging.

“The false claim and video have been previously addressed by NB in 2017 when the video was first circulated. A joint press conference was addressed by SON, and NB Plc affirming the packaging change with new NIS logo and correcting the false claims in the video.

“We are concerned that the same misleading video has resurfaced and is again being circulated on some social media platforms. We therefore appeal to the public to ignore this video and refrain from re-circulating this untrue information.”


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