In the lighter mood: Valentine’s Blues…!

Written by Maritime First

*If u are crushing on me tell me before I use our Valentines Day money to stake bet*

I make hot pass fire. 


*Woman”s mind is cleaner than that of Man’s –*

*because she changes it more often*

*Being Kissed By Your Girl Whilst you Sleeping*

*means she wants to confirm*

*if you are really asleep so she can search your Phone .*

*Nothing like being romantic

*14th February is when some girls will know their stand…

Whether they are the main Metre or just a fuse.


Some girls will Plait their hair and their fore-head will be shining as if their brain is using solar energy.

🇳🇬 *Sometimes Men say they don’t understand women*

*I mean how do you want to understand them???*

*Someone who was created while you were asleep*

Yemisi Owoyez


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