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St. Valentine: Singles share sob stories on Twitter

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…Valentine’s Day too saucy for young Indonesians, District warns***

Some single people, who have no partners to share the Valentine’s Day with, have taken to Twitter to share sad stories.

Although Valentine’s Day, celebrated Feb. 14 annually, is a general day of showing love, it is mostly celebrated by couples who spend time with their significant others and trade gifts.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the single people’s sob tales was the number one trending story on Nigerian Twitter with the tag #WhoValentineEpp?

The stories ranged from people lamenting their single status, wishing away loneliness, recounting times in past relationships to others advising couples to be considerate of single people.

@Alexlobaloba tweeted, “I have blocked all the people in a relationship on my WhatsApp contact list. It’s not me they will use love to “pepper” on Valentine’s day.”

@Ayooladaniel12 said, “If you know you’ll be among the people that will be sleeping at home today. Come here let’s gather for morning devotion.”

@Da_rhoda said, “Valentine is still sleeping, some people are uploading their relationship pictures… like why? What exactly is the color of your insensitivity?”

@Okom_UGabriel tweeted, “This Valentine is just legit constantly reminding me on how single I’ve been all this while.”

@Iam_damilosky wrote, “Valentine’s day tomorrow, everyone’s probably gonna be waking up to cute texts and gifts while I’m definitely waking up to my phone 100 per cent charged.”

@Towekkete said, “To all my committed friends, happy valentines day. To all single ones happy independence day. To all who were once in love happy heroes’ day.”

NAN reports that several tags for the Valentine’s Day celebration dominates social media, including Instagram and Twitter with some users chronicling their experiences in real time.

The tags includes #BlueValentine, #WhoValentineEpp?, #RemitWithLove, and #Valentine2019.

In the meantime,  love is in the air across the Western World this Valentine’s Day but the
custom has few fans among conservatives in Indonesia, with a Local District warning youngsters against celebrating the holiday.

Ade Yasin, the chief of Bogor district near Jakarta, said local youths should not follow their counterparts in the West, the news website
Metropolitan.id reported on Thursday.

“Valentine’s Day celebrations are not part of our culture, so I call on the public not to get involved in any activities related to Valentine’s
Day,’’ Ade was quoted as saying.

The head of the Bogor Council of Muslim Scholars, Mukri Aji, said Valentine’s Day celebrations often promote promiscuity.

“What is wrong with it is pre-marital sex, prostitution and rampant LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) behaviour, which
are violations of Islamic tenets,’’ he said.

He warned promiscuity could lead to diseases such as HIV/AIDS or unwanted pregnancies.

Sex out of marriage is seen as unacceptable by many in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country.

Valentine’s Day celebrations were banned in several Indonesian cities in 2018.

But for Huzaemah Yanggo, the head of the fatwa division at the Indonesian Council of Muslim Scholars, Muslims are allowed to celebrate
Valentine’s Day, as long as they do not engage in illicit behaviour.

“We as Muslims must show love and we don’t need Valentine’s Day to express our love, for example to our parents,’’ she said.

“But as long as it doesn’t violate religious teachings, it should be no problem to celebrate it,’’ she told dpa. 

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