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From a cardiologist, 

Pls read & save your life & others.

A patient was brought into our hospital just two weeks ago in the early hours of the morning at about 5.25am he was foaming, & gasping for breath.

We immediately got him on the oxygen gas & tried to stabilize him. Upon inquiry as to what happened, the wife told me that he came back from work late & there was no power & the generator was faulty this infuriated him the more. He took little EBA & egusi soup & retired to bed.

But complaining of the unbearable  heat, before  going to bed he had cold shower twice, only to wake up around 2am to have another shower this was the damage was done. The wife said she heard him using the showers in his room suddenly there was silence until she went to wake him up to prepare for work only to see him lying down in the bathroom floor after forcing the bathroom door open & foaming from the mouth. She raised alarm & the gate man &  co tenants assisted in bringing him to the hospital. He developed stroke due to brain haemorage  & passed away on the 31/1/2019.

Upon further inquiry we learnt he took 2glasses of cold orange juice after food before going to bed, & He is a known hypertensive patient.

My warning here is this, 

1, Never rush into the bathroom to take a cold shower at night especially if you have HBP the result could be regrettable as seen above. 

2, Never take cold drink as the last thing b4 going to bed this could block the arttries causing heart attack at the most unexpected time.

3, Always take warm or slightly hot water after food this will help in the flow of blood & quick digestion of food consumed.

4,Never lock the bathroom door when in the shower especially when u are alone so that you can be reached easily in the case of any eventuality.

5,For hypertensive patients they should always seat camly under the fan or in an air conditioned room at home after food & shower this will help bring down the BP to a manageable level before finally retiring to bed.

Why u should not rush into the bathroom to take a cold shower at night is that the body temperature is instantly altered without any notice sending shock waves to the brain this could make you loose balance in the bathroom leading to a fall as above & should he/she hit the head on the floor then the chances of survival could be very slim.

God bless us all as we make amends in our daily routine.

May the soul of the departed RIP.

Dr, Akinsola  Akintunde.

Consultant, cardiologist.


– Samuel Egbewole 


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