BONNY: Navy arrests 9 suspected pirates, hours after the shooting of naval guard

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Following the shooting and wounding of a naval guard at Bonny Anchorage on April 15, the Nigerian navy, in renewed onslaught against Piracy, has arrested nine suspected pirates, consisting of an American, three Greece citizens, and five blacks.

The Officer in tactical command of the operation, Commodore Dickson Olisemenogor who made the disclosure highlighted that when the suspects were accosted in Nigeria water and questioned in respect of their mission, their response totally contradicted the findings, upon being searched!

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The naval team who were combing the Western Naval Command area of the Gulf of Guinea, under ‘Operation Junction Rain’ found in their custody, fully loaded, four military assault rifles (Bernelli MR-1) with magazines; about 1,000 live ammunition in a box; and various communication gadgets, which they earlier denied they had while being interrogated.

It could not be ascertained if the attack on the Naval guard jump-started the ‘Operation Junction Rain’.

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