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Weekend Ginger: The Yoruba nation will soon produce new leaders!

Written by Maritime First

…And the Universe will keep unfolding!***

The Yoruba nation will soon produce new, credible and highly authentic leaders! The principle says when the students are ready, the master would appear. Challenges trump up their own solutions. The students are ready, the god-sent is likely to appear soon. Thank God that Yoruba people have deserted the Iwaraja Road; even as they cannot freely move from Ife through Ikire again to Ibadan!.

Despite the aridity of life, the Universe keeps unfolding! Those who claimed to be the leaders are apt to lose their relevance soon. It is the nature of life. Life is beautiful. Malu ti ko ni ru, (the cow without tail) does not die of tsetse fly bite. Nature has an unbelievable way of meeting every need!

It is not because of the Fulani, it is not because of the lackadaisical responses of the Sons of Odua. It is because of Garvin’s law, which forbade vacuum; noting that if eventually it’s bound to happen, it will.

As for crime, the nations grow it. The Yoruba and the Igbo have taken charge of sophisticated ones: 419 and the Yahoo-yahoo. The other group has taken over the crude one that needs little or no western education: kidnapping! But we are all guilty! Sometimes, it is the Yoruba that supply them the guns and food they need waylay, kill and rape the Yoruba people.

Again, that takes us to the issue of awon agbeyin-ba-ebo-je! And which again directly leads us to the failure of leadership!

Myths or history, Oduduwa laid solid foundation. The Sage took over from there, and provided their greatest asset: education! Few languages or dialects like Yoruba in Africa traditionally allows you to count up to a million!


Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo


Once a pride of a country; noted for their civility, education and freedom of thoughts; their leaders have finally sold them out, forgetting that nature abhors vacuum!

But the beauty of the Yoruba nation is their freedom of thoughts, rich resilience, and strong anchorage and love for history, permanently condensed in oral proverbs, lyrics and dirges!

New Yoruba leaders are apt to emerge soon. Some of those who once called themselves leaders would be forced to vacate their aggrandized positions. Afefe ti fe, omode ti ri furo adie!

In no environment are the laws of ‘check and balances’, ‘cause and effect’ remarkably known as Karma; and the Leviathan’s Social Contract principle more practiced. Even, at the height of Oyo Empire, the Bashorun existed to checkmate the Alafin. When Gaha began to take the laws into his hand, the system tactically took care of him too! It is the remarkable strength of the Yoruba people.

They live in cities, they honour their king, in return, their leaders also understand that their obeisance was anchored to good, reciprocal behavior!

Hoodlums have taken over Iwaraja Road. The Wasimi axis of Ikire has become impassable. The Odua group land for tomato farming has been hijacked in Imeko! The leaders have gone on Sabbatical! Sleep still! Oba to je tii ilu baa ba je, oruko re koni paare!

The Yoruba didn’t need the police, whether State or local in the beginning, they were gracefully disunited. Something must happen to forge a unity. Remember Newton’s law: a body at rest will remain at rest; and a body in motion with remain in motion until an external body acts on it! The external body has finally come!

The Yoruba existed sui generis. They had unique means of self protection. Ise-ndaiye ko le parun. Agba ko ni tan lori le wa. Orisun ko le gbe lailai…. And the universe will keep unfolding!!




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