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Sometime in about 1963, David Ejoor then a major, was walking past the officers car park in what is today 1 Division in Kaduna, where right incredibly before his eyes, was a gleaming Peugeot 403. The car he only saw in his dreams. The car he had only ambitions to touch! There parked impossibly before him, in the officers designated car park was one.

And he was the most senior officer in the command! Screaming for the RSM he sought to know what visitor dared to park in the officers car park? The trembling RSM said it belonged to an officer! An officer???? Screamed Ejoor!! In his mind he was seeing the court martial and the firing squad of that officer, who owned this chariot of the gods. Who is that officer? Lieutenant…. a lieutenant he screamed again!!! He was sure he was going to personally strangle that officer. Fetch him here. Brought at double quick march time was lieutenant Shehu Musa Yar Adua.  A lieutenant!!! A lieutenant!!!! Of all the ranks in the world. Where did you get this car? He hollered at the lieutenant ” my father bought it for me” replied Yar Adua.

This was getting interesting, apparently he was going to shoot both the lieutenant and his thieving father. Who is your father? In his head he could see both father and son in a land rover enroute execution. The young Yar Adua, gave his father’s name. At that time, Yar Adua who was the Commissioner of Lagos affairs, was well known to be one of the richest men in Nigeria, by sheer dint of hard work and not political exposure like our modern day Robbers, who sit astride our collective commonwealth. ” oh you are the Yar Adua in the Army?” That was his saving grace.

Such was the high ethical standards that both officers and public servants held themselves. Lieutenant-Commander Pam, in building a house, sought and obtained a loan of £4,500, to build himself a bungalow in kaduna. His loan application went from his desk to Army headquarters, before approval came back. Even after building the modest bungalow, it was described via rumours That, it was a huge mansion, filled with glass chandeliers. It is on record that at his death in  January 1966, the loan had not being paid. It took his wife, using her own resources to offset that loan, many years later.

That was just all but 50 years ago. In all but 50 years, our public servants, have billions recovered from their coffers.officers now buy houses in foreign climes, off the proceeds of ” snake breeding”. Complete state budgets are recoverd from serving and former Army officers.

Like someone said, on judgment day, he would very much want to ask the Good Lord, ” how did we lose it as a Nation?”.


Major General David Ejoor the first indigenous Commandant of the Nigerian Defence Academy, joined his ancestors on the 26th of February, 2019. May the Good Lord grant him rest.

Copied from Moses Ideho( true omoluabi)


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