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Stolen 3-day-old baby found, in hospital custody- CMD

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…As 2 German gynaecologists are to pay fine for ‘advertising’ abortion***

The Chief Medical Director of Plateau Specialist Hospital, Dr Philemon Golwa, has said that the 3-day-old baby stolen from the hospital has been found and was in special custody in the hospital.

Golwa said that the baby was recovered from her abductor and after proper identification by its mother, the baby was placed in special nursing care.

“The mother of the baby has been able to identify her baby and we have recovered her and have placed the baby at the special care unit and under specialised care nurses of the hospital.

A baby belonging to 30-year-old Mary Chukwuebuka of Zarmaganda, Jos, was stolen from her three days after birth at the Hospital where she went to deliver the baby.

Chukwuebuka told newsmen that she gave birth on May 28, and the child, a baby girl, was stolen from her on May 31 by a woman who posed as a doctor.

“I came to the hospital on Monday after I was induced; I gave birth on Tuesday morning at about 3:45am.

“I lost a lot of blood during delivery and I was to be given blood through transfusion and my husband was not around and I had to call my mum.

“I was on transfusion from Wednesday to Friday morning, I was to be discharged that day but when the doctor came in the evening, he said that there was another test that they need to conduct the next morning.

“At about 6:17 p.m., a lady who dressed like a doctor came straight to me and asked where the form is. I gave her the form the doctor gave me earlier but she said that it was not that one, that it is the one for the baby.

“I had undressed the baby but she insisted that I should dress the baby back because she was taking the baby to the children’s ward and requested that my mother should follow her,” she narrated.

The victim said that shortly after, she alerted the nurses and realised that her baby had been stolen.

Gov. Simon Lalong of  Plateau State, who was at the hospital, stated that the police was still investigating the matter and urged patients not to be discouraged by the act.

Lalong said that his administration was putting policies in place towards upgrading the hospital to a full specialist hospital and improve on its security.

He also said that measures would be put in place to ensure that such ugly incident does not happen again in the hospital.

Mother of the child, Mrs Chukwuebuka, while speaking to journalists, confirmed that her baby had been found and was in protective custody of the hospital and the police.

“We were invited by the police on June 12 to go identify our baby and on reaching there we met the woman who stole my baby with the police.

“The baby was hungry and crying and when she was told to breastfeed her she was finding it difficult to feed her and no breast milk was coming out.

“She was the same woman that disguised herself as a doctor and took my baby that morning. I am happy that I have set my eyes on my baby again.

“We were taken to the hospital by the police for blood tests to ascertain the real parents of the baby, the results have not yet been made known to us; I can’t wait for our baby to be handed back to us,” she said.

The Police Public Relations Officer of the command, Terna Tyopev in a statement said the police made a head way during investigations.

He said the police got an intelligence that a woman by name Leritshimwa Diyal of Zawan in Jos South LGA had claimed to have given birth on the same May 31, while in purported kidnappers camp.

He said the suspect took the baby, a female child, to Bingham University Teaching Hospital, Jos for medical examination.

The police spokesman said the woman was in police custody and helping with necessary information which would be made public after investigations.

The suspect, Diyal, had claimed that she was kidnapped hours to her expected time of delivery and had been delivered of a healthy female child while in the kidnappers custody.

Diyal, 30, claimed she was taken to a bush somewhere near Abuja, some 300kms away from Jos.

In the meantime, two Berlin gynaecologists were found guilty of “advertising’’ abortion and fined on Friday under a controversial law that prohibits doctors from publicising that they perform the procedure.

A court in the capital fined the two doctors 2,250 dollars each for stating on their website that a “drug-free, anaesthetic-free abortion’’ is among the practice’s services.

Paragraph 219a of the German legal code makes it a crime for doctors to publicly “advertise’’ for financial gain the fact that they terminate pregnancies.

Abortions remain technically illegal in Germany, however they are generally permitted up to 12 weeks with a doctor’s consultation.

Some 100,000 terminations were carried out in 2018, according to official statistics

The judge said the two doctors had broken the law but did not believe it was “very worthy of punishment.’’

The two doctors said that they would appeal immediately after the verdict.

“We have now started the fight and we want to continue it,’’ said 56-year-old Bettina Gaber, one of the doctors.

She added that it was unacceptable that “women have to inform themselves inconveniently.’’

The law was reformed earlier this year, allowing doctors to state on their websites that they carry out terminations, but not to state what kind of procedures they offer.

The limitations of the reform have been criticised by doctors, affected women and parts of Germany’s political opposition, who argued that women need free access to information.




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