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Expert warns against eating cowhides, processed with tyre flames, fuel

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…As Physician urges couples to Consult gynaecologist for quality family planning to prevent Unintended pregnancy***

A Health expert has warned Nigerians against consuming cowhides popularly called ‘Ponmo’ processed with flames from burning tyres and fuel, saying that it could lead to some health complications.

Mr Amos Chinenye, the Deputy Director of Environmental Health, Enugu State Ministry of Health, told newsmen in Enugu on Monday that tyres are rubber products mixed with  organic compounds that are dangerous to man.

“Burning cowhides or any other animal skin and meat to be consumed by human beings with tyres or fuel is dangerous and it causes cancer.

“It is also a source of pollution to the environment. It, therefore, affects man through the inhalation of the pollution from the burning, as well through consumption of the animal skin or meat,’’ he said.

“The Ministry of Health has been going to abattoirs in the state to monitor and stop people who are still in the practice of using tyres and fuel to burn or roast their animal skins.

“The ministry is also planning to present a bill to the State House of Assembly to enact a law that would stop the usage of tyres, fuel and other dangerous materials in processing consumable items.’’

Chinenye urged the public to avoid the usage of rubber materials, fuel and other harmful materials in burning their meat and cowhides.

He said cowhides and the substances contained in them usually go into the animal skin while burning, and this is dangerous to man and can as well cause cancer.

“Due to the penetration of the poisonous chemical substances from the tyres and fuel into the skin of the animal while burning, it is not healthy for human consumption as it is cancerous,” he said.

In the meantime, a physician, Dr Andrew Ekharogbon, has advised couples to consult a gynaecologist for quality family planning services to prevent unintended pregnancy and reduce the number of abortions.

Ekharogbon, a Senior Medical Officer, Vicar Hope Foundation, gave the advice in an interview with the newsmen in Umuahia on Monday.

Ekharogbon, who decried the alarming rate of unplanned pregnancy in the country, also urged couples to have agreement on how to plan their family.

He said that the gynaecologist would counsel the couples on the method suitable for them.

He said, “The problem in Nigeria is that, we go for cheaper things. Most women go to retired nurse or a non-professional who will insert  family planning method for them.

“Later, it will become a problem and they will begin to face the consequences.

“But if you go to a well established hospital, see a gynaecologist, not just any doctor, he or she will counsel you on the effects of the family planning methods.

“You will also be told to report to the hospital if you notice anything outside such methods.

“But most of the women never report to their doctor or the hospital. So it is a big problem,’’ he said.

The physician called for sensitisation among men and women on family planning, adding that most of them did not even know what it was all about.

“They need to be sensitised because Nigeria is experiencing increased population and cannot even cater for the existing ones.

“A lot of parents cannot provide for their children, so why are you producing more.“

There is report  that Nigeria recorded 1.3 million unwanted pregnancies and stopped 735,000 unsafe abortions in 2018.

This is according to the statistics released by the International Conference of Family Planning (ICFP) in Kigali, Rwanda.






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