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Insecurity: Prelate seeks life imprisonment for kidnap convicts

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…As law maker, Buhari recommends capital punishment***

The Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence, Samuel Kanu on Sunday called for life imprisonment for persons found culpable for kidnapping in the country, an APC law maker, Sen. Abdulfatai Buhari (APC-Oyo North) has observed that nothing short of capital punishment should be meted out for kidnapping and other forms of violent crimes, if the menace is to be adequately tackled.

Kanu made the call while addressing newsmen on the sidelines of the honorific awards of Knights to members of the church in Abuja, while Buhari made his observation in Ibadan.

“For those who kidnap and those who perpetuate evil for me should be jailed for life because they are enemy of the society, I will not subscribe to death penalty”, he said, calling for increased funding for the security agencies to effectively carry out their responsibilities, adding that the funds should be monitored to avoid diversion by some corrupt officials.

Kanu said that President Muhammadu Buhari has good intention for the country but some individuals within the government have decided to use the funds for other purposes.

He alleged that some disgruntled elements were also behind all the kidnappings being carried out across the country.

The clergy expressed concern over the level of prosecution and conviction persons arrested for kidnappings and other crimes by security agencies in the country.

He said that the lack of diligent prosecution had often than not left those arrested for the crime off the hook and working freely on the streets.

Kanu enjoined all Nigerians to join hands in the fight against insecurity as the security agencies cannot do it alone.

He also advised the Federal Government to invest more on the youths to help curtail the insecurity in the country.

“If Nigeria wants to save itself from security challenges, it must invest in the youths”, he said.

The award of Knight of John Wesley was given to 36 members of the church and Knight of Charles Wesley to three members of the church. Other awards given were that of the Officers of the Order of Wesley to eight members and Members of the Order of Wesley to six members.

Dr Ochapa Ogenyi and Mrs  Yewande Usman who were beneficiaries, said that the award was a beginning of service to God and humanity.

Meanwhile, Sen. Abdulfatai Buhari (APC-Oyo North) on Sunday recommended capital punishment for kidnapping and other forms of violent crimes in order to tackle growing insecurity in the country.

The law maker who was the former Chairman, Senate Committee on ICT and Cybercrime, in the 8th National Assembly told newsmen that the spate of kidnapping and killings across the country would continue unabated if such a drastic measure was not taken.

The lawmaker lamented the upsurge in kidnappings and killings across the country, saying violent crimes were becoming a lucrative business for those involved.

“These heinous crimes against humanity have gone beyond the normal Fulani herdsmen attacks and have become a real trade for those who engage in them.

“Let me be honest with you, the situation is nationwide and very worrisome. I believe and I am afraid because Nigerians themselves are yet to take a drastic measures.

“I believe by the time anyone caught in the act faces death penalty other people will learn and stop.

“Kidnappers have been arrested nothing has been done to them. I believe taking them to court is a longer process,’’ he said.

He recalled how increasing rate of drug peddling was stemmed in the 80s through drastic measure, adding that lots of people abandoned the trade as soon as government made those caught in the act to face the firing squad.

The lawmaker said that the absence of such punitive measure give those involved in the recent inhuman activities liberty to continue recruiting young people.

“Today, going to Saudi Arabia, Bangkok, Singapore or India with drugs or to commit other forms of crime attracts death penalty and such had to an extent stemmed the trend.

“Nigerians are very stubborn people; they won’t change except there is a deterrent.  These people collect cash from victims and take it to banks but the banks have not been reporting receipt of strange money accounts,” he said.

He called on Nigerians to collaborate with security agencies by providing them vital information on strange persons and movements around them.

Buhari recalled the recent abduction of a former minister’s son in Oyo State, noting that the hoodlums could not have operated without information.

“I am sure some people would have supplied information to the culprits on the movement of the former minister’s son and the location of his farm.

“Nobody will tell me that Fulani herdsmen came from Niger Republic to abduct him without information,’’ he said.

The lawmaker also called on the current administration do the needful, saying the major function of any government was security of lives and properties.

He gave an assurance that the National Assembly would deliberate on the insecurity in the country when it reconvened, adding that it would seek expert opinion and give the necessary backing.




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