Japanese minesweeper heavily damaged in collision with freighter

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General cargo ship JEIKEI 3 collided with Japanese minesweeper NOTOJIMA in Inner Japan sea SW of Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefectur, at around 0100 Tokyo time Jun 27, according to track.

Freighter bow struck minesweeper stb stern, damages sustained by minesweeper can be seen on photo. Freighter suffered bulbous bow dent. JEIKEI 3 is en route from Kitakyushu to Fukuyama, the ship resumed moving some time after collision.

Minesweeper, seemingly heavily damaged, was disabled, reportedly she is under tow to Onomichi, to be docked at shipyard for repairs.

Japan Maritime Self-defense Force minesweeper NOTOJIMA, Sugashima-class, wooden hull, displacement 570 tons, commissioned 1999.







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