Assistant Superintendent of Customs causes stir in DCG Uniform

Customs: Doctor recommends “DCG Dalhatu” for rehabilitation, pending ‘sanctions’
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…Service Spokesman, Attah says ‘he is mentally unstable’***

The fate of an Assistant Superintendent of Customs (ASC), Nura Dahiru who on Monday appeared at the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Abuja headquarters, wearing the rank of a Deputy Comptroller- General (DCG), and allegedly demanding that the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ali should hand over to him now hangs in the balance, as the Customs High Command detains and hands him over to competent health officials to determine his actual state of mind, before deciding his punishment.

The self-promoted DCG allegedly sauntered into Ali’s domain, to allegedly indicate his presence to ‘come and take over’. The retired Colonel, according to sources immediately sent for those who would ‘examine his head’ or state of mind.

While his emotional or mental state could not yet be determined, or the nature of drugs he probably had consumed, the incidence vividly brings back to the mind, the fatherly roles the former Comptroller General of Customs, Abdullahi Inde Dikko had played while he manned the leadership seat of the nation’s Customs Service.

An industry watcher who commented on the development recalled that Dikko proactively set up a ‘friendly watch’ which ‘hawk-eye’ team identified not fewer than 16 drug-users within the Service, and he immediately embarked on their rehabilitation.

“I pity this guy. Only God knows what will happen to him. If it was Dikko’s period, he would be rehabilitated first; and then sanctioned! Dikko is a father!” he indicated further.

But in a swift reaction, the Public Relations Officer of NCS, Mr. Joseph Attah while confirming the development on Monday, in Abuja however said the man never told the CGC ‘time-up’!

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Attah dismissed the report that the officer wanted to assume duty as Comptroller-General, adding that there was nothing like attempting to takeover, but rather, a case of mental challenge.

“Nothing, like attempting, to takeover office. What happened was that an Assistant Superintendent of Customs came to the office wearing the rank of a Deputy Comptroller-General.

“From questions and answers that followed, it was obvious that he was not in the right frame of mind, so a doctor was immediately invited.

“He is presently undergoing medical examination at the medical unit of the service.

“His picture is unfortunately going viral in the social media with a wrong narrative that he came to takeover office from the CGC. This is not correct as it is just a pure medical case,” he said




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