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Civil Servant begs court to dissolve marriage over husband’s lack of interest

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A civil servant, Mrs Mercy Ebu, on Friday approached a Customary Court sitting in Nyanya, Abuja to seek the dissolution of her marriage to Michael Elemide, on grounds that he has no interest in the marriage.

Ebu, told the court that her husband absconds from home for six months every year.

“I don’t know where he always goes. I do not know what he always does. He keeps me completely out of his business”. She alleged.

She also told the court that the respondent was always beating her.

“Before he finally absconded in November 2018, he beat me up and ruptured my left ear membrane.

”I don’t hear very well with my left ear”, she alleged.

She also told the court that she has reported a case of missing person in the police station.

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”My Lord, his Facebook account, tweeter handle and Instagram page has been deleted.

“Some months ago, some people went to my house to arrest me. They said that my husband collected a car from them and fraudulent used me as surety.

”I had to pay them to get them off my back. I am tired of the marriage. I want the court to grant dissolve the union and give me custody of the three children.

The Presiding Judge, Shitta Mohammed, in his ruling said “we can not deliver judgment based on hear say. We need concrete evidence.

“You have to furnish the court with an affidavit of missing person report before the next sitting,

“More so, the respondent is to be served by substituted means, by pasting on the last place of his abode, which is his matrimonial home.

“Also, any other means of communication to the respondent’s mother who presently lives in Canada”.

He adjourned the case until July 22, for further mention or hearing.




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