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Weekend Ginger: A Nation’s Truth, as we Mourn ‘Precious’ and Pray for Leah

Weekend Ginger: A Nation's Truth, as we Mourn 'Precious' and Pray for Leah
Written by Maritime First

A country that deliberately kills journalists has chosen to remain in darkness, misinformed and poverty stricken. We know it was a coincident. Yet, it tells volumes, why such a country, being sorely afraid of the truth, particularly the truth capable of setting it free, would also, coincidentally in chains, misinformed and poor! Rest in Peace, Precious!

You had a dream. A dream, to identify the raw truth; and then, shame the misguided with it! Your dream was to bring the truth into our living rooms. A Star in its unblemished glory shot down in its prime. Rest in Peace, Precious!

Methuselah lived for so long. Yet, all its revered age petered off into an infinitesimal irrelevance, when compared to the Wisdom of Solomon! The Owolabis cannot ever be consoled, no matter, whatever we do or say.  You sauntered into journalism unannounced, vibrant, hopeful, and vibrantly offering hopes for a once celebrated nation, but now downcast, as the global capital of the wretched, downtrodden, and hopeless! You came, you saw; and in matter of few seasons, had established a name, a niche and a brand for yourself. Rest in Peace, Precious Owolabi! While an ungrateful nation which desires not the truth mourn!

And as you mourn Owolabi, please quietly pray for Leah Sharibu, the last symbol of truth, in the land of pretenders! Wisdom has nothing to do with age! When her Lord will come back, either as ‘Anabi Yisa’ or as Jesus Christ, and many Pastors, revered Prophets and Bishops will flee in shame, people like Leah will not be found wanting! The Holy Book said it all: By their Fruits, we already Know them!


The Leah Sharibu Chapel in Ibadan


A few days ago, a group of ill-informed people in Oyo State, took a look at the assets declaration form of the State Governor, Seyi Makinde, and exposed their ignorance, as they demanded that Seyi must publish how he made his money! A people that hates the truth, except play to a gallery of noise makers, wanted the Governor to tell them how he made his money. Ironically, they forgot to tell our National Leader to do the same thing: publish how he made his money. They also forgot to tell my President and my Vice President to make public their assets declaration forms! Nigeria hates the truth!

A hypothesis is currently being played out in a State, in Yoruba land. A set of ‘dedicated’, Fulani vigilantes have been contracted, and armed to provide ‘ultra powered’ security for the Yoruba people. They will be paid by the IGR generated by the poor people of the State. The IGR will be supplemented by the Federal allocation meant to be spent by the people of the State. He is the Executive Governor of his State. He cannot be queried.


Southwest ‘Dedicated’ Vigilantes in action!


But the people of the State are highly informed. They are highly educated. So, the punishment should be, in due course, don’t deny him the right for re-election, deny his party! Vote and stand by your votes to ensure it could not be rigged, no matter how far they try. Give him the Oyo State treatment! Let him campaign, let his party, the entire party go into the abyss!



President Buhari made a most remarkable move recently. He ensured that a MoU was signed between Nigeria and Germany for the provision of real electricity. The move goes beyond semantics or rhetoric. A move like that three years ago would have ensured he didn’t campaign in 2019, in order to win his re-election, wise move, even though coming a lot too late. The only thing left? Keep the dream of a RUGA that aims to snatch the people’s ancestral land, guillotined! The people have woken up! No amount of dribbling can help us score this kind of offside goal! Thank God Audu Ogbe is not coming back; in case he had been the one initiating the dangerous initiative fueling the volatility!

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We can work on Sambisa Forest, we can work on Zamfara State, Niger State and Bauchi. We can even pump water from Benue, after some dredging. But, thinking we can bulldoze our way without the country going into tatters, may be a daydream! They have even dangerously began to tell us that our entire statistical strength is slightly just over six million! We are fewer than seven million, in the midst of about 200 million other suspicious nations. Ironically, we are not like the Jews or Israelis about 7million population in the midst of over 700million Arabs!

Keep praying for Nigeria, as the effort towards generating light becomes more real. Light is oxygen. The first thing God according to the Bible say was: Let there be Light! No wonder the nation is still in utter darkness!


Pray for Nigeria. May the President live for Ever!




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