ANLCA National President finally comes to terms with enormity of Crisis

Maritime industry can tackle post-pandemic job challenges - Iju Nwabunike
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…Commences genuine Consultations for Sustainable Reconciliation***

Unconfirmed reports making the rounds, finally signifies the genuine steps being taken by the National President of ANLCA – Hon. Iju Tony Nwabunike to bring back peace in ANLCA.

With the scales of deceit, unbridled arrogance, ego-tripping and fake support base, falling off his face, Hon Tony Iju now realizes that those egging him on, on the side of sustaining the injustices perpetrated in ANLCA, were only doing so, for pecuniary and selfish reasons.

Therefore, he has decided to personally work his phones, meet with relevant leaders, Elders and groups, to reason along with them, in order to rescue him from the unwarranted situation he has unfortunately found himself.

While this is highly commendable, even though coming almost 14 months late, it is usually said that it is better to be late, than be the Late.

Comrade Sir Dr John Dan Katsina Ofobike ANLCA West, Zonal Coordinator


As much as this move by the National President is going to unsettle some few insignificant BOT and NECOM members, Hon.Tony Iju Nwabunikemust be encouraged to move on, undeterred, knowing fully well that his over-battered name and with his political future hanging in the balance, shall ultimately be rescued and reburnished.

He should also know that ANLCA and its loyal majority members/chapters, especially in the western zone, will be winners on the long run.

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As Tony Iju-Nwabunike embarks on this genuine move towards reconciliation, if he is sincere about it, all hands must be on deck to assist him right all the wrongs, so that ANLCA can once more regain her almost completely lost glory.


By Adumaza Joe Sanni
National Publicity Secretary

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