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Weekend Ginger: FBI 80: We owe the Nigerian Child Apologies

Written by Maritime First

…Not Condemnations!***

Fathers, to a large extent influence or determine the direction, the pace and the vision of their children or wards.

Children often see their fathers as the King Kong, the Superman or the role model who can do no wrong. Therefore, as the nation’s image goes in tatters, over the damage incurred through the FBI 80, little did we care, to go and check the legacies the fathers actually bequeathed.

Every child has a right to look up and adulate with his three fathers: the Biological Father, which donates the indubitable DNA with unquestionable potentials; the Social father, which empowers Socialization and Societal perception; and the Nationalistic which confers the value of patriotism or notion of a Fatherland!

If Njoroge cries, James Ngugi may sing to him: Weep Not ,Child. But when the Nigerian Child cries, who ever care to ever feel or give an earring? The Nigerian Child has cried and bled in the eyes so much, that he decides to take his slippery fate in his own hands.

Though Biological father donated the DNA, he arguably failed to give stand by to nurture the available potentials. He has excuses: a string of excuses which stretches from ‘No Job’; ‘bad economy’ to ‘circumstances beyond control’! Unfortunately, excuses do not develop ‘potentials’, we have wasted their potentials.

All of a sudden, it now looks like a million years, when fathers, in the grace of refreshing moonlight breeze, told folklores of family pedigree, achievements as noteworthy chronicle of exciting the young innocent children to seek the ideal, to refrain from pursuing action capable of soiling the good family names!

Though the Social Father donated Socialization, it nonetheless failed to nurture logical or sound perceptions.



In the beginning, everyone knows that the importance of the ‘extended family system’. The children schooled in the Villages, then during the holidays, often come to Lagos, Ibadan, Warri, Kano, Port Harcourt, visiting Uncles or Aunts, who, at the end of the holidays, gladly buy holidaying kids, shirts, trousers and sandals, in addition to new school uniforms! Their Sister-in-laws (their Uncles wives) never forbade them from coming next holiday, even when she knew their last visit was costly! It was seen as their own form of Corporate Social Responsibility, towards ensuring comfort for those in the Villages. There was peace in the Villages, because, the tap of sustenance from the Cities never stopped! The family was one! The name of the Family was sacred and was inviolably Sacred!

But what do you have now? Everyone ‘paddles’ his own canoe. Each has become greedy, each has become selfishly greedy. And when a child from the village comes to Lagos, even after doing his National Youth Service Corps, conditions that would get him into desperation are deliberately put in place. Peace has vacated the Villages. So, how can anyone hope to find it in the Cities?!

As for the Nationalistic Father, he has managed to confer a notion of warped ‘Fatherland’, even as he woefully failed to nurture Patriotism! He has neglected the Nigeria Child so much, that the Child actually begins to wonder  if indeed it is true that he was not a bastard! He has succeeded preached daily, sermons that on true verification were found incompatible, with his own philosophy, beliefs or character! Today,  the Nigerian Child hardly has any faith left in patriotism, yet we wonder why he pursues foreign agnostic philosophies and ideologies so much that we silently wonder if actually he is not a useless, wicked bastard!

The three strata of Fatherhood have failed the Nigerian Child. Today, we owe him our unreserved Apologies!

The Mathematicians taught us that two plus two will always add up to four. The Philosophers taught us the laws of ‘Cause’ and ‘Effect’. We claim to be highly educated, yet fail to see the conspicuous connection behind the failure of the African fathers and the fate, hopelessness and misdemeanor of the African Child!

We have created monsters! Monads without Souls, and yet wonder why the youths would painstakingly hatch his evil plots, meticulously follow it through, make sudden wealth of Dollars through dangerous, deadly and sophisticated contraption; and yet squander it, mindlessly!

We owe them apologies. What we had given them, they have reproduced, though slightly in deadlier proportion!

Ngugi wrote weep not, child. Wole Soyinka, the Nobel Laureate wrote The Man Died! Perhaps, one day, somebody would write: Adults, Why Weep!

We owe them apologies!

We saw nothing wrong, when we campaign vigorously, making promises and getting the votes, only to ignore the promises.

A gentleman sometimes ago excitedly told Nigerians that a Serious Government, under six months, would find lasting solutions to the chronic challenges of NEPA and regular supplies of electricity. Talks are cheap! The same Gentleman, a man I personally respect, was called upon and honorably saddled with the mandate of Ministering on the same topic to other Nigerians in which he described the earlier efforts as ‘GBATUEYO’! What is the result today? We are still where we were, more than four years after!

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We owe the Nigerian Child apologies!



For with his two eyes he beheld a revered personality, legitimately stuffing alleged illegally acquired Dollars, into his costly ‘parachute’ of an immaculate wear.

The Nigerian Child innocently watched, in confusion, trying to comprehend the true meaning of a ‘technical’ and an actual defeat of the Boko Harams!

And sometimes, even adults at their wits end, how come, the most important road in Nigeria, the Lagos -Ibadan Expressway could not be completed, a paltry distance of only 120 kilometres, could not be completed, by both administration of Goodluck Jonathan and President Muhammadu Buhari, for more than eight long years!

We could go on and on. The Computer experts often have the last laugh. Garbage in, garbage out!

We have taught the Nigerian Child what he needs to know. We have unwittingly deprived him of vision, integrity and patriotism! We have stolen his confidence, pauperize his self-worth and rendered him hollowed and hopeless! We have, unwittingly denied him of a capacity to dream and to be happy. And yet, we wonder, why he behaves, like a ‘Souless’ Monad!

We owe the Nigeria Child apologies.

We owe them apologies: Despite the fact that another 22 Nigerian youths have also, reportedly been uncovered, in connection with the FBI money wiring scams.

Despite the fact that some 23 Nigerians were reportedly on death rope, over allegation of failed attempted to smuggle banned drugs into Saudi Arabia!

Despite the fact that the UAE has stopped issuing a category of Visa to Nigerians, following allegation of armed robbery attack on a Bureau de Change in Dubai, where five Nigerians were declared culpable!

Despite the fact that several have died in the perilous attempt to cross into Europe from Libya, via the Mediterranean Sea!

Despite the fact that many are preoccupied with prostitution in Italy, a sober reflection would always tell us that the Ijaw would always have more fishermen in their midst than farmers. And the Yoruba would always, as a result of environmental or situational factor, produce more traders or farmers than fishermen!

But, while we ruminate with sober reflection, let us continue to pray for Nigeria!


May the President live Forever!



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