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6 reported dead after tourist boat capsized off Senegal

6 reported dead after tourist boat capsized off Senegal
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…As North Korean Vessel Attacks Russian Patrol Boat, Wounding Three***

Six Senegalese have died after a boat capsized in a storm during an excursion to a tiny island off the coast of Senegal’s capital, a private radio station said Tuesday.

Thirty-five people were rescued after the storm on Monday evening, including 24 Senegalese, six French, two Germans, two Swedes and one Guinea-Bissau national, according to Dakar’s fire brigade chief, Col. Michel Diatta.

Most were stranded on Madeleine Island and have been taken to a hospital, he said.

Interior Minister Aly Ngouille Ndiaye told private radio station RFM early Tuesday that four people had died. He said they were Senegalese, among them national parks staffers.

RFM later reported that two more Senegalese had succumbed to their wounds and died, citing medical officials.

It was not immediately clear if everyone was accounted for.

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President Macky Sall sent condolences to the families of the victims and called for attention to security during this period of bad weather. It is the rainy season in Senegal.

The uninhabited island is popular with tourists who go on daily trips to see a diverse bird population and have picnics.

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In another development, a North Korean vessel attacked a Russian border patrol ship in the Sea of Japan, wounding three Russian service members, according to Russian state news outlet TASS.

Russian security agency FSB told TASS that border agents have detained two North Korean vessels and nearly a dozen motorboats that were allegedly poaching in the Russian EEZ in the Sea of Japan. One of the vessels was seized.

“The crew of a North Korean vessel [with over 45 people onboard] carried out an armed attack on the members of a monitoring group of the border guards’ ship. Three servicemen received various injuries,” the FSB told TASS.

Russia’s foreign ministry has summoned the North Korean ambassador to Moscow to lodge a diplomatic protest.

In July, North Korea interdicted and detained a Russian fishing boat, the Xiang Hai Lin 8, during a transit in the Sea of Japan. North Korean officials accused the vessel of “violating the rules of entry and stay in North Korea.” After the Russian government intervened on behalf of the crew, the Xiang Hai Lin 8 was released without fines or charges.

In 2016, one North Korean fishermen was killed and eight more were  injured when the crew of the trawler Dae Yong No. 10 resisted a Russian boarding party. The FSB alleged that during the boarding, the vessel attempted to flee the scene with border agents still on board.


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