EFFEDUA: Maritime Academy to admit foreign cadets, engage in foreign exchange

EFFEDUA: Maritime Academy to admit foreign cadets, engage in foreign exchange
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…Cautions journalists against fake news***

The Rector, Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN) indicated Sunday, that plans were underway to admit foreign Cadets into the academy and to engage in fruitful foreign exchange programmes.

Effedua indicated this, cautioning newsmen against the spread of fake news targeting the Academy, while also rolling out management’s achievements and future plans for the academy, stressing that the exchange programmes would impact positively on the students.

“We intend to admit foreign cadets; most of the West African countries speak French and they all go to Cote d’voire for Maritime training but if they find a place better they will come.

“French is a beautiful language, we will employ young Nigerians, those who have just finished (NYSC) Service and send them for training in our mandatory short courses, when they are done, they can now impart the knowledge to the people in French.

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“But we will first do our home work and also establish a language Lab which will help in training those interested in learning other languages,” he said.

Speaking on the management’s achievements for 2018-2019, Efedua said that over 5,000 people participated in its short term courses, adding that 2,732 enrolled in 2018 while over 3,000 enrolled in 2019.

He said that people are beginning to show interest in the academy’s courses because there was a lot of improvement in the standard of training with additional short courses and more facilities acquired.

Effedua said that for the first time in the history of the academy, 60 cadets went on ship for their Industrial Training for the period of four months, stating that the academy hopes to extend it to one year.

He said that before now, cadets do their IT in offices which does not give them the experience and exposure needed, adding that this new development would give them real experience as seafearers.

He further said that one of the major things the management hoped to achieve was the purchase of simulators for the academy, adding that it was in the final stage of purchase.

Effedua said that the era of giving communities money was over as the academy has a team that engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the youths as their main focus.

He said the academy established ICT centers in some schools in the community, purchased 300 JAMB forms for students and employed 100 indigenes to take care of the environment to end the issue of snake bite.

According to him, the management has blocked resource leakage and plan to generate more revenue for the academy in 2020.

Meanwhile, the Academy has cautioned newsmen against the spread of fake news, urging them to be professional in their coverage of activities of the academy.

Duja Effedua particularly cautioned against fabricating fake reports capable of causing confusion in the maritime institution, reminding newsmen of their roles as objective watchdogs of the society, and urging them to report confirmed facts and avoid blackmail that could be defamatory.

“I believe so much in press freedom right from when I was in school. I still do. But press freedom doesn’t give anyone the right to be reckless or terrorise anyone.

“The pen has become a very dangerous weapon; many people have been destroyed by the pen.

“Some of the stories written about the academy are false, but we thank God that the judiciary has not collapsed. Journalists should stop writing defamatory reports about us because we are ready to seek legal redress if we feel aggrieved.

“Journalists owe it to Nigerians to be sincere and professional so as to help the nation. Facts should be revered as sacred and newsmen must avoid the temptation to present fiction as facts,” he said.

Effedua, however, agreed that the academy was not properly managed in the past, but lauded the transportation minister Rotimi Amaechi for setting up an interim management committee that had restructured the institution.


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