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Weekend Ginger: AMAECHI, ALI: The 4 Way Test: Is it fair to all concerned?!

BUHARI: No date yet for reopening of Nigeria’s borders
Written by Maritime First

“Is it Fair that President Muhammadu Buhari, with his acknowledged Yoruba nation’s massive voting support, will spend eight years as Nigeria’s Arrowhead, and the best the Yoruba nation can get in the Country’s Maritime industry will be only nine months?”

I ignored the question.

But he was not bothered.

“At the appropriate time, you will join us in the campaign against them. We will take our position against everyone of them in the APC, beginning with Tinubu.

“It is periods like this that has effectively kept the indelible actions of Chief Obafemi Awolowo perpetually unforgettable.

Minister Of Transportation, Hon. Rotimi Amaechi

“Those who hid under Awolowo’s umbrella never got wet. He was truly an umbrella, an enviable protection; even if they said he was tribalistic.

“But here we are. We are under an umbrella; yet we are soaked and cold!”, he stated further, convincingly speaking on behalf of a Yoruba group well known to me.

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He sounds petty? Until you recall that a grapevine report recently indicated that the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi in his infinite wisdom has decided to go Southeast, to hunt and shop for a replacement to head the Nigerian Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA).

Now is it fair that we have crudely staked all the odds against Importers operating in Nigeria, as if they are common criminals!

The 4 way test asks: is it fair to all concerned?

Customs officers will perform 100 percent physical examination on containers in the Port and release them.

Another group of Custom officers will waylay the released containers on the road, drag them to FOU and ‘detect’ infractions, and impound the containers.

The importer is fully punished;. Nobody listens to him, frustrate and hound him, treat him like a smuggler. After all, he wanted to avoid payment of legitimate Customs Duty.

Amidst all these orchestrated name calling and undeserved punishments, no mention or punishment is meted to the custom officers that first cleared the container in the port.


We visited the Federal Operation Unit at Ikeja. Even the public road was littered with container laden trucks!


The Apapa community is drawing a sigh of relief. The Nigerian Ports Authority is celebrating. To God be the Glory, that there was no outbreak of epidemic disease, before refuse management authority cleared the ports environment of months of accumulated, intimidating heaps !

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At the peak of the menace, motorists held up in frustrating gridlock sometimes came out of their vehicles to fraternize or compete with miscreants and ‘motorboys’ to openly defecate!


Cleaning of Apapa port area


But is this fair??


Let’s keep praying for Nigeria!


May the President live forever!


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