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2019 : Floods destroy 2,714 houses, claim 10 lives in Niger state- Official

Prepare for devastating flood, NIHSA alerts Edo, Bayelsa, 3 other states
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…Japan typhoon death toll climbs to 74, rescuers search for missing people***

Mr Ibrahim Inga, the Director General, Niger State Emergency Management Agency (NSEMA), on Wednesday said the 2019 floods destroyed 2,714 houses and claimed 10 lives in the state.

Inga disclosed this when he appeared before the Niger State House of Assembly to brief it on the agency’s activities in 2019.

He said that a total of 21, 223 people were affected by the disaster in 20 local government areas with 123 communities submerged.

“The floods, which began in August as a result of a localised high intensity rainfall accompanied by torrential winds, triggered massive run off activities in streams and rivers.

“These violent river behaviours resulted in loss of 10 lives with some roads, bridges, culverts and residential buildings badly affected by the force of the water. 

“These excess waters have inundated several hectares of farmlands and displaced some dwellers in hinterland communities,” he added.

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He said the agency could not sufficiently respond to the disaster as it had exhausted its N200m capital budget for 2019 before the flooding season.

“The agency may not have responded with relief interventions due to the reasons mentioned but had acted within the conduct of the above assessment exercise.

“In view of the above therefore, the agency has requested for an emergency supplementary budget wallet,” he said.

According to him, in addition to its assessment exercise, the agency has forwarded request for assistance in favour of the victims from donor partners.

In the meantime, rescue workers in Japan continued the search for the missing on Wednesday as the death toll from one of the worst typhoons to hit the country rose to 74, public broadcaster, NHK, said.

Also many drowned by flooding after scores of rivers burst their banks.

Public broadcaster, NHK, said 12 were missing and more than 220 injured after Typhoon Hagibis lashed through the Japanese archipelago at the weekend.

Throughout the eastern half of the main island of Honshu, 52 rivers had flooded over.
Residents in Fukushima prefecture, which has seen the highest number of casualties, were busy dumping water-damaged furniture and rubbish onto the streets.

Many elderly remained in evacuation centers, unable to clean up their homes.

In Date city, not far from the site of the nuclear disaster in 2011, farmer Masao Hirayama piled damp books in the street in front of his house, adding to a mound of rubbish from the neighbourhood.

He said the water had reached about two meters (6.6 feet) deep in his house when he and his son were rescued by boat and taken to an evacuation center.

His wife and grandchildren had stayed with relatives through the storm.

“I feel down,” Hirayama, 70, said, adding that the flood had swept away all his green houses and farming equipment. “All that is left is the land.”

Hirayama said he had rebuilt his house in 1989, raising the ground level following a flood in 1986.

His family plan to live on the second floor until he can make repairs, which he reckons could take three months.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the government would spend 710 million yen ($6.5 million) to facilitate disaster relief.  


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