NPA: Don’t Rock the Boat, MWUN Boss cautions Dockworkers

MWUN blames non-payment of dockworkers’ severance package on contractors’ non availability
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…Says payment of tally clerks and onboard security men irrevocable!***

The President General, Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), Comrade Adewale Adeyanju on Thursday cautioned the nation’s dock workers against any protest now, towards pressurising the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) on the issue of paying tally clerks and onboard security men who are members of dockworkers branch, because the struggle has advanced to a stage where it will fruitfully materialise soon, positively.

Prince Adeyanju indicated this in a speech shortly after rising from a meeting with his Executive body, charging the Maritime workers to be further patient, wait a little bit more; and not rock the boat, before collecting their entitlements.

Highlighting that targeting the NPA, is more like targeting the Government, Comrade Adeyanju unfolded the details of agreement already reached with the Authority, the extent of his investigation and feedback from the NPA management, saying it is a development which assures his Executive team to realise the needlessness of another war, on the same issue.

Hadiza Usman Bala, NPA MD

“The Promise cannot be a mirage”, Comrade Adeyanju stated, stressing that the enduring struggle has been noted, and a very concrete pledge is now on ground, even with an identifiable time attatched to it.

He recounted the efforts of the executives during the struggle which led to the approval by the Supervising Ministry and actually culminated into the present pledge; hence the need by all involved to honour the agreement aside from also, respecting the constituted authority. 

“I have never disappointed you and I won’t”, the Prince stated, saying he was also putting an end, to the issue of going on strike, when totally unnecessary. 

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He maintained that the issue had not called for fighting, carrying of placards  and issuing of ultimatum because it has already been resolved.

He also said he was aware that the action of the workers were initiated by people who were not stakeholders, and enjoined the workers to put their trust in him because he is not a leader that will negotiate to take any percentage of their money.

He recalled his effort in securring employment for most of workers who lost their Job during the 2006 concessioning, and emphasised that he specifically came to lead in a bid to build a credible, trustworthy team capable of genuinely looking after the welfare of the workers; and he would never be tired of doing so. 

In the meantime, the Executive body has affirmed that the mode of payment will be annouced soon, even as the Dock workers Trust Fund Scheme would be reinvigorated, to ensure the scheme benefits dock workers all over Nigeria.

Subsequently, he informed them that Banks have been approached and there would be loan facilities, with funds professionally managed by trusted and  responsible people.

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