Pilfering Dockworkers: Trending video not recorded in Nigeria – MWUN Boss

MWUN threatens to declare state of emergency on shipping sector
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…As Suspected Smuggler is felled by Customs bullet in Ogun***

The President General, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju at the weekend highlighted that a currently trending video, showing some Dockworkers allegedly pilfering cargo off a RoRo ship was not taken place in Nigeria.

He indicated this in his office, stressing that not only had detailed investigation showed it neither took place in Tin Can Island Port nor, Apapa, but that even the present body of Dockworkers are reformed, refine and too enlightened to engage in such practices.

“The video they are parading in social media alleging misdemeanour by some port workers did not emanate from this country.

“Today’s  dock workers under my command are trained, to a standard, they are responsible, they are entitled to so many things, their renumeration is ongoing, their pensions is ongoing, their gratuity is ongoing; so they cannot get themselves involved in that negative report as you have seen in social media.

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“I think I can tell you the background of dock workers, because myself before I rose to this post, I was a dock worker and I am still one. What we are having now, is something we were having for almost fifteen years now.


“I think the average life of a dock worker would have improved more than this, because fifteen years ago, we didn’t have gratuity, there was nothing like pension, there was nothing like terminal benefit for dock workers working in the port. But when we came in on board, I think what we have done, was to make sure that we go into collaboration with the terminal operators, who happened  to be our principal employers, and NIMASA  happened to mid-wife the collective bargaining agreement that the dock workers today are enjoying.

“So averagely today, I can tell you that  they have employers, they have what we call terminal benefits , they have gratuity, and they are pensionable, and this CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) is reviewed every two years with the Terminal operators, and its mid-wifed by NIMASA.

“We have what we call Group Life Insurance for all the dock workers in the port; we know there is what we call hazard, domestic hazard, and they are being insured by their employers.

“If anyone has an accident, the union will always make sure that whatever that belong to him is fought, secured for them, and we get it for them.

“We don’t want to start doing what we have buried in the past, besides, some of the dock workers are graduate; some of them are into universities, some of them have enrolled in an Open University, the mentality have changed, unlike what it was before, when anybody can see you on the road and slap you or get you butchered in the name of being a dock worker.

That, is no longer there! Those ones you are seeing in the video are the unserious element. It is not from Nigeria.

“It is the responsibility of NIMASA to carry out bio-metric ID card and registrations of responsible dock workers, working in the port. So you will be able to identify the good and the bad, and what I have done last week and today is to re-emphasize the order I have given to the president of dock workers and his executives, that those influx that have nothing to do in their port, must be kept out.

“They have ways of doing it: if you are not a worker working with particular company ‘A’, what are you doing in their port?!

“And if he says: ‘I am a dock worker’ , where is your ID card? Who are you working with, or who are you working for?

“This is ongoing, the NIMASA will do that anytime from now, by way of registering the dock workers and issuing them the bio-metric ID card; that way, one will identify whether you are dock worker or you are not dock worker! So, you cannot just come into my terminal, if you are not a dock worker. That’s the stand of the Union. We are working together with NIMASA. We are partnering with them to make sure that the bio-metric ID card will be issued out anytime from now!”, Prince Adeyanju indicated further.

Speaking on his appointment into the NSITF Board, Comrade Adeyanju explains:

“The job entails that I am representing Nigerian workers on the board of NSITF. As I am talking to you, even the Maritime sectors, majority may not know what NSITF is all about, let alone their rights and their benefits. But my being onboard is to let every worker know that they have an able body representing them; for anyone that has an accident, it is the responsibility of the NSITF to report and to make sure they recommend to their employers, to make sure that they pay what belongs to such person, whether as direct workers or agent workers!”, he concluded.

In the meantime, a yet to be identified, suspected smuggler was on Monday felled by Customs bullet, following an alleged futile attempt to disarm an Officer in the wee hours in Ogun State.

The Ogun Customs Command Public Relations Officer, Abdullahi Maiwada  in an explanation, said trouble began at Adisba, along Idiroko -Otta Road in Owode local government area, around 2am, when Customs officers on routine patrol intercepted a vehicle conveying prohibited items suspected to have been smuggled into Nigeria.

“At the initial stage, the suspected smuggler conveying the aforementioned  items took to his heels and later mobilised his compatriots for a mob action against lawful officers.


Pilfering Dockworkers: Trending video not recorded in Nigeria - MWUN Boss

Nigeria Customs Service


“In the process,  the suspected smuggler and owner of the smuggled items engaged an armed  officer in physical battle in a bid to disarmed him. In the ensuing struggle, the officer appropriately exercised his superior power in *self defence* leading to the death of the yet to be identified  smuggler.

“As at the time of filling this report, the deceased have been deposited in an undisclosed mortuary, while the exhibit is secured in Government Warehouse pending further investigation”, the Command Image maker stated further, stressing that the Service is only  implementing Federal Government policies.

He advised Nigerians to be law abiding and avoid any confrontation that may lead to such avoidable incident, emphasizing that an armed officer would always defend himself when his live is evidently in danger.


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