OGBEIFUN to Gov’t: Appraise National and Domestic activities, alongside IMO’s Sulphur Emission deadline!

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…Says we cannot pursue ships, while others pump even more pungent emissions into atmosphere!***

Nigeria’s foremost shipping mogul, Engr. Greg Utonwen Ogbeifun has advised the authorities on a cautious adoption of foreign conventions, ensuring first, a detailed appraisal of the nation’s interest and domestic activities, in order to ensure enduring success.

Ogbeifun made the observation in Lagos, while appraising Nigeria’s current desire to meet International Maritime Organization’s prescription on Sulphur Emission by the year 2020.

Ogbeifun also took a broader interest, saying cannot honestly pursue ship emission, while neglecting emissions from other, sometimes, more pungent sources.

Egnr. Greg Ogbeifun


“You control the emission from the ships in the ports or in our waters and meanwhile, our trucks on the road, our factories, our generators, industries are pumping and pushing worst pollution into the atmosphere!

“Charity begins at home; as a nation, we cannot jump at I.M.O’s regulations without ensuring that in jumping at that regulation, we can achieve the desired results. So, alongside, in considering I.M.O, my answer to your question is that we should start also by identifying our national activities, our domestic activities that are contributing towards environmental pollution through emission.

“I thought I should register that, or else we are achieving nothing.

“We are talking about IMO who is looking at the global space; a space that incorporate nations that have since tidied up their own environment and now they want to tidy up the ships’ emission environment.

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“Most of the things we do here don’t meet average International standards in terms of environmental control. So, if you go to London where IMO is headquartered and you look at their vehicles, they are already regulating their emission; their factories are already regulating their emission; their trashes are being effectively disposed off; their waters; there is no open defecation; there is no form of pollution of their rivers.


“So it makes sense for them to begin to think of controlling the sulphur content of the fumes their ships are burning.


“Now, to come to your question, it is the right thing to do! And how do you achieve vision 2020? You have to start by looking at the sulphur content of the fumes we are burning. So, right from the factory distillation process that is used to produce your A.G.O, (diesel), you have to tinker with that process to control the sulphur content of the fumes they are producing.


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